Wednesday, 30 July 2014

The Aftermath

July 22-29

The Aftermath   

    It took the entire week after the team left to get everything back into working order in the house. We did take a day to catch our breathe and rest but then everyone was back at it on on various projects trying again to get things organized. I met with Mike, Christy and Ashley for a few hours on Tuesday following the group to discuss missionary finances as we are trying to get them all organized to account for their ministry funds. I think we got a lot sorted out and we were all on the same page by the end of our time together.
    I have spent a lot of time in the office working on finances and getting “dug out” administratively. With the team on the ground we were in the field a lot this month and it was great but the administrative things have piled up. However, it has been good to respond to emails that have been lingering and to get records all caught up. I also slammed everyone with a ton of updates and posted pictures on FB of the 516 team 2 work. I cheated on the updates and only wrote highlights but if I had written all the details I would have written a small novel telling all the things we experienced with this year’s second team.
    Immediately after the group left Clayton and Lindsey began to look at getting ready to leave for Language school. They had a few loose ends to tie up here before their departure. We hated to see them depart on Saturday but we are also excited for them. Pray for them as they attend  the language school in Morogoro, Tanzania over the next four months that God will enable them to learn Swahili quickly.
    Ashley, Kenya, and Christy have been buzzing around here working on School stuff. Kenya, Ashley, and Lindsey painted our kids school room and it turned out awesome. Kenya and Ashley completely destroyed the school room so they could reorganize it and rebuild it for this year. We are super excited about all that Ashley is going to be doing with the kids this year. Christy has been getting geared up also for her first time to home School her kids and has been talking to both Kenya and Ashley as she prepares herself and everything that goes with it. Pray for Christy and her children as they embark on their first year of home school that the Lord will help them as they make this transition.

    Mike has been doing some awesome work here on the compound this past week. He fixed a major plumbing cave in back in one of the guest houses that was a big, nasty job. He also organized the garage so we can actually find our tools to get projects done. Mike was also able to teach on Saturday and preach on Sunday in Malindi. I appreciate so much Brother Mike’s willingness to help in any way. We also got to celebrate Brother Mikes birthday with him this week!   
    We are all meeting together in the mornings, reading a book together, and having discussions. After we discuss our readings we take some time to plan for the day and pray together. We will be able to enjoy this time until school starts then it will change our schedule.  For now it has been a great time to learn with and from one another.
    I was able to meet with Getrude this week also to set up times for everyone’s Swahili classes. Getrude will be coming two days a week for a full day; Mike and Christy will be in class from 8:30-12, the Vickers children 12-1, Taylor children 2-4, and Ashley 4-5. Tuesdays and Thursday we will be a fully engaged Swahili house. Getrude really does a great job with language. This will be a great chance for the Vickers family to be introduced to Swahili and culture as a part of their internship.
    It has been a great joy to invest in and help Clayton and Lindsey, The Vickers, and Ashley get set up and dream about all the future holds. God is moving and we are so excited to be a part of it all. Pray for all the families working here on the coast that God will give us wisdom and help us as we preach the Gospel.

Oh and we got the kids club house done!

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