Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Preparations for 516 Missions Team 2

June 24-July 9 Preparations for 516 Missions Team 2
    The only problem with waiting a month to write an update is that it is hard to remember all the things that we did. After the 516 Team 1 left we really spent our days preparing for the next group as well as getting Clayton and Lindsey set up. Mary Mickler stayed with us after the first team to work with us as our summer intern. Although her time with us was short we had a great time with Mary. She helped so much with getting things ready for 516 missions team 2. Mary also took a lot of time with our kids to just hang out and even taught the kids some guitar in what little free time she had. We managed to squeeze in a day off on June 30 to start building a club house for the kids. Clayton, Lindsey, and Mary went to the marine park and spent the day snorkeling.

    Clayton and I spent quite a bit of time in the office together working on getting finances set up. I also had a class with Mary, Clayton, and Lindsey on how to keep good records. We managed to go through a book together in the mornings discussing the chapters before we prayed together and started the days work. There was not a lot of down time during the build up to the arrival of 516 Missions team 2.

    On July 2 the Vickers family flew to Malindi and joined our team on the ground. They will be with us for the next four months serving as interns as a confirmation of their calling. This is the first time their children have visited the field. We will be working with the Vickers over the next four months to help them understand how a family lives and functions on the field. Please pray for them and us as we go through this internship. However all that was put aside when they arrived it was all hands on deck to prepare for the 516 Missions Team 2.

    We had a lot of hands working. There was no shortage on work that is for sure. All the kids were right in with us working. A big job they did was stuffing tracts in 4000 John and Romans. We had so many projects going everyday with everyone doing what they could. Brother Mike serviced the motor bike and got it up and going as well as fabricated an awesome new roof rack for the Land Rover and modified our old one to go on the van. The ladies spent a lot of time cleaning and getting food items ready for our village time. We even packed a lot of the items on the trailer before the group ever arrived. It was a frenzy here for about week but it all came together.

     We had a good time on the Fourth of July having a cook out with the Ghrist's from Mombasa. It was  much needed day to just have fun together before the team arrived. We enjoyed visiting with the Ghrists and each other not to mention enjoying the amazing cookout. The food was all so awesome and the pool felt good. Poor Josiah had a little accident with a surf board in the pool.

    On the Sunday before the group arrived Clayton, Mike, and I went out to Singuaya for services. We wanted to look at the ground and make final plans for our arrival. The service was really good and there was excitement in the air. The church had spent all of Saturday working on mudding the church walls; they were able to finish the entire building in one day. They had worked hard and it looked great. Brother Mike brought the morning message and did a great job. We had tea and mahamri with the men before we left. We made a few suggestions for finishing up getting the plot ready then we headed out.

    Mike, Clayton, and I made another trip to Singuaya onTuesday July 8 to set the Basketball poles and take a final look at the school plot and confirm with the school that everything was still on schedule. We met the games master, he helped us set the poles, and was super excited about our coming the next week. It was so good to know that everything was in place.

    Clayton and I had an internet conference call with Ryan and Scott Harness who were leading the 516 missions team 2 concerning security concerns. We had a really good meeting discussing the “risks” and current instability in the country. It ended with Clayton and I sharing that we did not feel we needed to cancel the trip but that everyone should pray and decide what the Lord would have them do. After sharing the details with the team members Brother Harness and his team decided not to come on the trip this year. There was also one person from our church that decide not to come. This reduced the team numbers a little but not enough to hinder the camp that we had planned.There were still 9 that came with 516 missions and Ashley.  With the ground team included we still had a team of 26 not counting the pastors that were going to be helping us.

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