Tuesday, 29 July 2014

516 Missions After Basketball camp

July 18-21 516 Team post camp  

 The team came out of the village back to Malindi on Friday afternoon and we freshened up a little and went to the Crock farm to see some snakes and crocks. It was so awesome to see everyone still smiling and laughing after several long hard days of work. We were at it all day long in the village from 6am to 9pm every day. Holding a 12 foot long python usually will wake you up…Kenya made tacos for supper which is always a treat on Friday nights.

    Saturday the team went to Tsavo game park and had a great time. They saw all kinds of animals!

Sunday we attended services at Magangani LBC. We had team members teach SS, preach,  and give the first reading. The services were good and it was nice to see the building completed since our last visit.
    We returned to the compound so everyone could start packing. Some of us went down to the beach to play in the water. In the evening we had our evening service to share what God taught us through our time together. It was great to hear the different ways God spoke and things that stood out to everyone. This service is always a special time.
    Monday there was some shopping but mainly just packing up and heading out. This team work hard and God Blessed!  

Thank You 516 Mission Team for Affecting Eternity with 94 People Saved and Countless other touched with the love of CHRIST !

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