Tuesday, 29 July 2014

516 Missions Team 2 Arrival and Malindi Canvasing

July 10-July 14 516 Missions Team 2 Arrival and Malindi Canvasing

   The 516 Team had an unexpected layover in the Nairobi Airport after missing their flight to Mombasa in the night. Mike, Clayton, Lindsey, and I came in earlier to pick up Ashley who came in earlier than the rest of the group. We did not know the group was not going to make it in until late int the evening so we went on back to Malindi and the team came in Friday afternoon. We still had our taco night and did some orientation time in the evening but not too much because everyone was exhausted from the extensive travel.

        The group’s first project was to do some canvasing with the church in Malindi. We went to the church and divided out into teams and passed out John and Romans in Swahili stuffed with a tract and an invitation to the church. We had our team of nearly thirty plus another thirty or so church members that went in every direction distributing the Word. In a matter of two hours the teams distributed over 4000 John and Romans with the tracts and invitations. It was Awesome!

  Once everyone was back to the church we enjoyed a meal together that the church had prepared. It was fun just hanging out and visiting during lunch.  

 We also were blessed by the Masai brethren who shared traditional music and jumping.

     After lunch and fellowshipping we came into the church and had a worship time with teachings by one of our team members.


   It was an awesome first day for the team. God blessed us with a beautiful day and opportunity to serve him. 

 In the evening the team had class with Gertrude to get a little Swahili and cultural training before we headed into the village. We also celebrated Camyn Vicker's birthday with some cake and ice cream!

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