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516 Missions Team 2 Singuaya Basketball camp and Revival meetings.

July 14-18 516 Missions Team 2 Singuaya Basketball camp and Revival meetings.

    Mission trips are always filled with the unexpected and twist and turns. We were ready to go at 4:00am (at least most of us were except one certain teacher who is going to be with us for a year but I do not want to mention any names). Thankfully the bus was late, and someone noticed she wasn’t out there.  When the bus did arrive it was a smaller bus than we had used the previous day so we had to make some quick adjustments and we decided to take both our the Land Rover and our van so we could accommodate everyone. It was a hiccup but we work through it. This pushed our arrival a little later then we planned so we had to go straight to the school rather than setting up our base camp.
    When arrived at the school we were able to address the entire school, telling them what the week would hold and introduce the team. Once the introductions were made it was time to crank up the camp.
Below is the Camp schedule

Singuaya Landmark Baptist Church
516 Missions Basketball Camp 2014

Monday July 14        9:00am -12:00pm     Form 4 Rotation
Monday July 14        2:00pm - 3:00pm     Form 4 Games

Tuesday July 15        9:00am -12:00pm     Form 3 Rotation
Tuesday July 15        2:00pm - 3:00pm     Form 3 Games

Wednesday July 16        9:00am -12:00pm    Form 2 Rotation
Wednesday July 16        2:00pm - 3:00pm     Form 2 Games

Thursday July 17        9:00am -12:00pm    Form 1 Rotation
Thursday July 17        2:00pm - 3:00pm     Form 1 Games

Friday July 18        7:40 am Presentation of Equipment Final Message

Each 1/2 day would consist of the following rotations :

10 Minutes-Opening Rally (greetings etc.)
Each class will be divided equally and rotate through the following stations. Each station will give the students a colored bracelet and explain the meaning behind it. (Wordless Book gospel presentation)

20-25 Minutes-Station 1: Heart Training Bible Lesson

20-25 Minutes-Station 2: Basketball Skills (Passing and defense)
     Students will learn proper method’s of passing when defended by another player and how to defend someone with the ball

20-25 Minutes-Station 3: Basketball  Skills (Passing and offense)
    Students will learn how to make and receive a pass to aid their team in offense.

20-25 Minutes-Station 4: Basketball Skills (Dribbling)
Students will learn various methods of dribbling the ball.

20-25 Minutes-Station 5: Basketball Skills (Shooting)
Students will learn various methods of shooting the ball including free throws, jump shot, lay ups, etc.

20-25 Minutes-Station 6: Refreshment and Interaction
    Students will receive biscuits and juice, will participate in singing, and learning a short memory verse

20 Minutes-Closing Rally for entire grade
    Students and teachers received a full Swahili Bible and English New Testament.

    Monday through Thursday we had the basketball camp during the day then in the evening we would have revival services at the church with singing and two messages preached. On Thursday we showed the Jesus film in the local language of Giriama.
    This was our first year to do a basketball camp at a secondary school and to hold revival services paralleled with the camp and it was Amazing! We had 54 receive Christ during the camp and 4o receive Christ when we showed the Jesus film at the church. We were able to give the Singuaya church and the pastor Mwangiri a list of all those who accepted Christ so the church can follow up on those that were saved. The camp and Revival were both a great success. The singing and preaching was excellent. I appreciate the team members both from abroad and local pastors that preached and led during the revival meetings.

    We were blessed with lunch being provided by the school on Thursday for our entire team. The school slaughtered a goat for us and bought us sodas in appreciation for the camp. This was  a first for our 516 team trips. We have been to ten or so schools and done these camps but never have we been shown so much appreciation. God moved in a mighty way and we all had a great time ministering to the Garashi secondary school. On Friday we had a closing ceremony where the team donated the all the basketball equipment we used for the camp to the school so they could continue to learn. There was appreciation expressed by all the teachers and faculty. The team was able to introduce themselves again and we were able to present the word of God one last time.
    I wish I could put in words all the Lord did with the team this year but the words would not be adequate and there would be far too much to say. We spent four nights in the village in tents and I never heard one complaint. This year Ryan and I both were amazed at the unity of heart and purpose with which the team worked. We know that God was present and He did a great work with all the souls saved and the Love of Christ displayed.
    I think the pictures tell the story I will lump them in the next few updates
First it was time to go

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