Friday, 11 July 2014

June 2014 Monthyly Report

  “Our vision is to be a ministry of eternal significance that impacts the cause of Christ through the advancement and multiplication of His churches.”

Malindi Pastor
         A big event this month was the calling of a pastor at First LBC, Malindi. I have been serving as their pastor for over a year now helping them get re-established. They are doing great and had reached the point that my presence was a hindrance to their growth rather than a benefit. They may say otherwise but this was a crucial step in their maturing. The church called Nicholas as pastor and Ricklynn as the assistant pastor.
         Nicholas and Ricklynn have done a great job this month; the church is responding well to their leadership and taking steps forward. The calling of a pastor frees me to focus on all the churches as well as look at new areas to plant churches. Pray for all the churches as we reconnect and encourage them. We also need wisdom for future church plants. 
516 Missions Team 1
         The 516 Missions team that came this month was a great way to launch back into the field and see all the churches. We accomplished a lot in a short time. We were able to serve each of the seven churches, making a big impact. We did a lot of building, which is great because it leaves a lasting visual to the churches as well as letting the team see their work.
         Bokole- We put on a new roof and prepared the walls of the church building to be mudded and showed a cinema.
         Miritini- We worshiped with Miritini church and lead the teaching and preaching. We also had a time of fellowship after services.
         Singuaya- We prepared the church building walls for mudding, built a choo (Toilet),  and taught. 

Gandini- We mudded walls, dug a choo, and taught.
Magangani- We prepared and mudded the walls of the church building and showed a cinema.
Jimba- We dug another choo, mudded the church building walls, had teachings, and showed a cinema.

Malindi- We worshiped with the Malindi Church on a Sunday, teaching SS and preaching the sermon. In the evening we showed a cinema also.
            We had a great time with the first 516 Missions team of the summer.  They were awesome. We stayed busy the entire time, and it was a great launch back into fieldwork with all the churches.
Arrivals and Departures
   New missionaries Clayton and Lindsey Howell arrived with the 516 Missions team as well as Mary Mickler this summer’s intern. However, when the 516 Missions week was over we had to say good-bye to Sadie Hardin after her 6-month stay with us. Needless to say it has been an exciting, yet sad month. We are super excited that Clayton and Lindsey are now on the ground and that Mary will be us this summer. Sadie did an amazing job teaching our children and we will miss her. We were blessed to have her as a part of our family for six months.
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Phone 011-254-713289014

Taylor Tribe 

We started out summer break with a whole week of sleeping in, well at least the kids did.  This was one of our most successful years of school.  I believe much of that is due to Sadie coming to teach the second semester.  The kids decided to come up with a few goals for summer break, one of which was to build a club house.  They began plans to count up how much it would cost and how to go about building it.  In the end James suggested they build it like a Kenyan home with a Makuti roof.  It is nearly finished.  They worked hard and are excited to begin playing in it. 
            Josiah turned 13 this month.  Yikes!  He is a very typical 13 year old, making us laugh one minute and ready to choke him the next.  He is super smart and has a very tender heart. God is going to use him in a great way, with his outgoing personality and ease of talking to people.  We thank God for the blessing he is to our family. 
            Sadie and I began working on preparations for receiving the 516 Missions Team 1 along with Clayton and Lindsey.  Since Lindsey had never been here, I wanted to make sure I did everything to help her not want to jump back on a plane immediately upon arrival.  As we began getting the house ready, we discovered what seemed like a years worth of lizard poop everywhere as well as loads of dust from termites.  We first drenched their whole entire house with termite insecticide.  Then we proceeded to evict as many lizards as possible.  And then for two days we cleaned from top to bottom trying to at least make her new home pest free.  We were not completely successful in our pest free mission, but I think we at least dramatically reduced their population. 
            The first 516 missions team was awesome.  They were delayed coming in and so they pretty much hit the ground running.  Going to all 7 churches was a lot of fun.  I had not been to all seven in quite a while, so I enjoyed getting to catch up and fellowship with each of them.  Abigail even taught a class at one of the churches.  That was a big step for her, as she is typically very shy.  Lindsey just jumped right in there, and the ladies were all excited about having another missionary and his wife join our team.  
            While we were at one church, Richard’s Mama called me and sounded horrible.  I really thought she was on her deathbed.  She asked me to come see her at the hospital.  I went and she was very ill with TB.  Please keep her in your prayers; she is somewhat better, but still is not healthy.
            Saying goodbye to Sadie was sad, but we all knew her family missed her. So we took her out for a special dinner and made her a scrapbook of her time here.  She was so much fun.  Sadie is now like family.  We pray for God to use her in great ways.  He certainly used her to bless our family. 
            We are now looking forward to Team 2 and our new teacher Ashley!  There is much work to do, but it’s all worth it! 
            Thanks for reading and praying!

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