Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Malindi Pastorate

I want to change the format of the updates a little to try and focus more on the journey rather than the events of the journey. I apologize for the “this happened then this happened” rather than sharing the details of the story that God is writing through this ministry. Early on when we wrote of the work here it was vibrant and alive but I feel in some ways that updates have fallen in a rut and have become more a log book of daily task rather than sharing the intimate details and again the journey.

April 4-6

Malindi Pastorate
    I was up early on Friday April 4 to take Dub and his family to the bus stage. They were going to Nairobi to do some filming of classes with Brother Hopper. Joni and the girls went with Dub on this trip.
     We did manage to get our van back on Friday April 4 after the transmission was replaced. It is amazing what overloading and driving over a small mountain that is suppose to be a speed bump can do… Actually it can do about 1500 dollars in damage but anyways… Can’t wait to get another van to replace this one. 
    Saturday and Sunday were good days at Malindi Church. We had the monthly business meeting and I told the church that they need to call a pastor soon. I have enjoyed pastoring the church in Malindi the past year but it has taken it’s toll on all the other churches. First LBC in Malindi is thriving and I feel like stepping in and pastoring to help stabilize the Malindi church is what was needful but now it is time for them to call a pastor and continue on. There are a few candidates but we will discuss it more in the May business meeting. I would like to see the church call a pastor in June before summer groups start coming and everything the summer has in store.
    Let me share a little about the pastorate at Malindi. Our approach to church planting has been to focus on using the non pastoral method but early last year the Malindi church asked me to help them as pastor because they were not doing well and had no one willing to serve as the pastor. I believe it was what the church needed and what I needed at the time. I have truly enjoyed trying to “pastor” the folks in Malindi and give leadership and Biblical teaching. I have learned over this past year “pastoring” is not really possible as an Mzungu (white person). I can provide leadership, teaching, and love on folks but to pastor I feel has not been possible.
    When someone shares a problem I can not really say I understand. I did not grow up in a mud hut or without water or without electricity. I do not understand true poverty or the way an African thinks and processes information or makes decisions. We have tried over the years to be students of culture but it is no substitute for the real thing. Kenyan churches need Kenyan pastors. It is the only way to have the intimacy and the understanding that is needed in a pastoral relationship. Ultimately when they share an issue with me the expectations are different from me than from a fellow Kenya and it is a barrier that can not be overcome completely.
    I really feel that for the church to progress forward now they need a pastor and I am feeling in my heart the draw to the other churches and their needs. The cost of pastoring Malindi has been high for the other churches. I have not had a lot of personal contact with any of the other churches in the past year. The pastors and preachers have come in for classes but that does not help to get a pulse of the churches. All of the churches are in need of encouragement and continued care. This work is so young still. I really want to focus on evangelism among the churches and encouraging the pastors in their ministries. The first step is to be relieved of my responsibilities to Malindi.
     I am so proud of the men and the pastors and the churches for their patience as I have labored with Malindi. They have shown nothing but support but they are all in need now so please pray for First LBC Malindi as they call a pastor soon. If the church is not able to survive after this year of leadership and growth then I am not sure what else we can do to help. I believe the church has a strong core and is very stable right now.

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