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March Report 2014

 March 2014
ABA Media
Bible Institute Project  

              We have put a lot of focus on the ABA Media Bible Institute Project this month. The planning, organizing, and coordinating of teachers and classes has taken a lot of effort but we still believe it will be very profitable. Brother Hopper and Brother Eddie Williams have been instrumental in making this month a success with this project.
              Dub (Jonathan West) was able to film five different classes this month; one in Turkana on Missions, one in Nairobi on 1 Corinthians, and three here at the coast on Bible Doctrines, the Tabernacle, and Baptism of the Holy Spirit. Dub has a lot of raw film and is working on editing. Lord willing, by the end of April we will have all the classes ready for use. Please continue to pray for the success of this project!

Family Matters Matter
                  As we shared last month my dad was able to come and visit us for a few weeks and we really had a good time with him. It was a bit of a juggling act trying to have Bible Institute classes and everything else going on as well as taking time to make memories with dad. We are so glad that dad was able to come, and it was a good chance for him to build a relationship with our kids.

              Kenya and I are recognizing more and more that we are entering a new phase of life as a family and with our families. Kenya’s Dad was hospitalized this month and her grandfather is not expected to live more than a few days as I write this report. We love our families and we would ask you to pray for us as we face these challenges from the other side of the world. We know this is part of the cost to serve overseas and count it a privilege to be called by the Master.
Texarkana Baptist
Children’s Home
      We were blessed to have Heather Thompson bring Kari, Camilla, and Samuel who are all three high school seniors at the Texarkana Baptist Children’s Home this year along with Kristi Lee one of the relief house parents to work with us this month. We enjoyed so much serving with this team and they did amazing. Camilla and Kari taught classes several times, Samuel presented devotions several times, and Kristi and Heather taught two ladies seminars. We also helped with a building project in Jimba and left some sweat, blood, and maybe even a few tears in the rocks and dirt we moved. 
      This was the fruition of a desire that Heather has had for the Children’s Home to expose the kids to other cultures and experience how God is working all over the world.  Kari, Camilla, and Samuel all three will be making big life decisions at the end of this year that will impact their futures and launch them into the adult world. We are so grateful for the opportunity to invest in them and we expect great things from them. The Children’s Home motto is “Changing Legacies…” and we are grateful for being a part of helping that happen.
James Taylor PO Box 811 Malindi, Kenya 80200
Phone 011-254-713289014 missionarytaylor@gmail.com
Taylor Tribe


We had two birthdays this month!  Samuel turned 6 on March 8th.  He requested a Lego birthday party.  He is a very high spirited and energetic little guy and we sure do love him.  Sarah was reborn on March 18.  It was the sweetest thing when she told me.  They had been learning about Moses and how so many of the children of Israel didn’t get to go into the Promised Land.  She said, “Mama, I don’t want to be like those people and not go to heaven with the rest of my family.”  So we had a nice, long chat and she asked Jesus to come into her heart that night before bed.  Praise God!

We really enjoyed having Heather and the TBCH team here.  Heather is such a great friend and I know she has a heart for the kids at TBCH.  I had a great time with Kristi as well and feel I have made a new friend.  One of my favorite things to do is just share our life with guests in hopes that they will see we are just normal people who have answered God’s call on our life.  I loved getting to know Camilla, Kari, and Samuel and just hanging out with them.  They are sweet kids.  It was a joy to see all of them step out of their comfort zones to teach a Bible lesson, eat unfamiliar foods, and sleep on a cement floor with no power.  I really hope this trip expanded their worldview, gave them new appreciation for God’s blessings, and most of all brought them closer to Him.  Of course, it was awesome getting to translate for everyone especially Heather and Kristi.  When I translate it pushes me to work on my grammar and find varied ways to communicate.  Thank you to everyone who helped these kiddos make the trip.  I believe you made an excellent investment. 

On a more personal level, this month has been a little heavy for me emotionally.  When we surrendered to come to Kenya, I knew there would be family issues and events we would miss out on.  But you can never really know how you will react until something actually happens.  Last year when my sister was going through chemo, it was difficult.  This month, my dad was hospitalized with internal bleeding and still is being treated for it.  My maternal grandfather is also nearing death.  When it all sort of happens at once, I admit, it’s a bit overwhelming.  The desire to be there and yet still knowing I am right where God wants me, is a bit hard to bear at times.  Paul said I am in a straight betwixt two.  Of course he was talking about Heaven and Earth, but I feel this month I have been in a straight betwixt two, having a desire to be with my family, nevertheless staying here where I am called is at this moment more needful.  I am thankful that I serve a God whose grace is sufficient. 

Thanks for reading and praying.

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