Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Where is the Electricity?

May 7-14
Where is the Electricity?
    Really there is not much to talk about for this week. We have been busy getting things back in order around the house and caught up on ministry things. It is kind of weird because the Wests and the Straders are gone so it is just our family and Sadie. We count Sadie as part of our family now so we really have no one here but us. We love all our guests but when everyone is gone we are able to have a little more routine.
    Immediately after getting back from Nairobi on Wednesday we had to turn around and go back to Mombasa for dentist appointments for everyone. We really did not want to go but they blocked off the morning for all seven of us to get in at once so we felt bad about canceling. We did not have any cavities and we got to have Java House for lunch so the trip was not too bad.
    When we left for Nairobi I had left the Land Rover in the shop for some suspension issues and so they could check the engine because I have been losing power and throwing black smoke. Well the news was not good. The shop said I needed an Engine overhaul… that was after they gave me a bill for $750 bucks for the suspension work and injector work they did. Blah! The engine overhaul and new turbo charger estimate they gave me was “only” 275,000 shillings or $3200. I decided to take the vehicle to another mechanic to get another opinion. Bottom line is the Land Rover is in another shop now getting a ring job and several other things. We will see what the end result is with it.
    The vehicles are killing us as far as expenses are concerned. However we do drive them pretty hard. Oh and I had to put new tires on the new van, but I knew that when we bought it. With new tires, seats, and paper work we spent about $18,000 on the new van, and another $800 on insurance for the year. Good news is that this week we have had several people look at the old van and we have an offer of $6000 on the table already we are planning to accept it today and collect the money if all goes well.
    Juma and Mercy had their baby this week! They had a another little girl and they named her Fatuma after Juma’s mama. We went down on Saturday, saw them, and took some lunch. It was a good time to visit with Juma and the baby is so cute. Juma preached for me in Malindi on the Sunday we were in Nairobi. Everyone said he did a great job.

    On Sunday we had a great service. There were quite a few out but it was still really good. After church we had a pretty big business meeting. We had all our normal reports then we selected new teachers for this quarter. The big things we talked about was selecting a pastor. I told the church I would like of them to select a pastor and assistant next month if possible. I recommended they consider Ricklynn, Nicholas, and Juma. The church asked me to talk to the three of them to see if they would be willing if the church called them and for me to arrange for them to preach over the next few weeks. Then next month we will have them in our business meeting to ask questions and go from there. Pray pray pray for this situation I really need to visit the other churches but I want to be sure Malindi is moving forward.
    I really need to get my monthly report written for April, put together the itineraries for the summer groups, and talk to the Vickers and their pastor about their internship plans. There are about five or six really pressing matters that I need to tend to. I am trying to prioritize and get what I can done.
    I think we are finally through our electricity woes. We went nearly 5 days without power. I think we called the power company 19 times (not an exaggeration) until finally our issue was resolved. We had like 20 loads of laundry once we did finally get power. Oh and it is rain season so our living room and dining room became our drying area since our dryer died. Kenya hung 2 clothes lines all the way across the house.  Thankfully our generator was working so we could keep food from spoiling. During the nights without power I think we donated mass amounts of blood to the mosquito population that invaded our house with all the windows open.  Lydia woke up looking like she had chicken pox she had so many bites. Thankfully it is cooler out but it is still muggy.  

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