Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Wow it stinks!

May 15-27

    It has been a very productive and cool week and a half. The rains have come and it has cooled things down although we still have some hot and humid afternoons. When it is raining it feels like a spring day in the states. The rains make everything green and everywhere muddy. Since many of our roads are muddy it makes it a little messy but we will take the cool temps for a little while. Everywhere people are planting and weeding crops.
    Last time I wrote an update we had experienced loss of electricity for several days this time it is water. We went three days with no water in our tanks which makes it really stink around here…I mean literally stink! With no water you can not flush but that’s enough of that. We did not notice that the water pressure was too low to push the water to our tanks in the roof so when it went completely out on the city side we were also completely out in our tanks also. We made it though and now we keep pumping it up to the roof as soon as it comes on and we are monitoring the situation. Thankfully we had the water filled up on the day of our scheduled power outage it may have been an unspiritual day if we had no water and no electricity…sewage and sweat may have put us over the edge : ) 
    We sold our old van last week to the lady at the insurance company. She had the money and we did everything in the bank parking lot. It is a good thing because the Land Rover is eating our lunch right now with expenses. We got the ring job done but it also needed a new fuel pump which was about 500 bucks. BLAH! However it took care of the black smoke issue and the ring job took care of oil shooting everywhere. I decided with all the repairs under the Land Rover and the engine work it was time to get some other much needed repairs on the inside of the Land Rover. Currently it is being worked over. It would take around thirty-five to Forty thousand dollars to get a newer Land Rover so for now an overhaul is the best we can do. The new van is doing great!
    The church in Malindi had Juma preach on the 18th and Nicholas on the 25 as they consider calling a pastor. This coming Sunday Ricklynn will be preaching. Lord willing the church will make a decision next week also as to who they will call. Juma did a great job preaching, he has grown so much over the past several years. For those who do not know or remember, Juma was our first convert here on the coast. So to see him preaching is just awesome. Nicholas did ok on Sunday. He has a good presence in the pulpit but his messages lack flow and continuity. He just needs a little more time studying to help him channel his Biblical knowledge and communicate it better. Ricklynn again will be preaching this week but I am certain he will have a good message.  I hope he is able to communicate it well.
    All three of these men have various talents and abilities that would be great for the Malindi church. Pray for the church as they make their decision soon. I will be glad to see them take this step in maturity and I really feel they are ready. Immediately their decision will free me up to work with all the other churches who really need help. Not only will I have liberty to work among the churches but also to look at new areas for new works. I have loved this past year in Malindi and I needed the time with them as much as they needed it with me but now I am ready for the next evolution of this work.
    I spent a couple days preparing for Bible Institute classes that we had on the 22-23. We watched videos of John Wanyoni missionary to Sudan on the 22 then I taught on Friday the 23rd. Our topic was on Missions. John did a great job with Dub and ABA Media filming this class not to mention his material was great. I followed up on Friday with lessons on the Pauline Cycle of Church planting. I was able to introduce the topic and explaining and overview of the Cycle . We will continue the class next month. Reviewing this material and sharing what I did gave me a zeal and excitement myself for what is ahead. I feel like I have been going through a transition time over the past few months and teaching gave me some clarity to some of the chaos and confusion that I have felt.

    We had a good turn out for the classes  with ten students. I was glad to see Karate, Musa, and Geofrey with us for classes. They are all getting serious about their studies and I am eager to see how the Lord uses them in the future. Geoffrey is teaching adult Sunday school currently in Malindi and so far is really doing well.

    Kenya and I also celebrated our anniversary on the 23rd. We have been married 16 years. I am so blessed to have Kenya as my wife, she truly is a help meet and my best friend. We continue to face new phases of life together and each one continues to deepen our relationship. Every month I read through the proverbs and I see Kenya as a real life example of a proverbs 31 kinda gal. I am a blessed man that’s for sure!

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