Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Deception and Heresy the reason for Titus and his Wife's Death

    This week week one of the men that we had worked with in Bokole passed away. He was one of the first men to welcome us to Bokole. Juma, Moses, and I had drank coconuts with him under the palm trees on our first trip out to Bokole. He and his future wife both were members of the church in Bokole. His future wife was one of the charter members of the church. Once Titus and his wife were married and they had their first baby his wife decided to go back to a church that she had attended before she joined the Bokole church. She had family members in the church so they convinced her to return.

    The problem with the church she returned to was and is that it is a cult. They have mixed the Bible with witch doctor practices and have formed a cult. One of their teachings is that you can not go to a doctor or hospital, the only treatment that you can receive is prayer from the pastor of the church. The church even has a little room built beside the church for the really sick they are praying for. It is basically a death house. Titus’ wife and eventually Titus both were caught up in this cult. Titus was not just a church member but he also was Juma’s friend and Juma’s wife’s  Brother/cousin. Cousins here are called brothers.
    Juma and I visited Titus’ family several times especially when his wife got sick and had a huge boil on one of her breasts. The baby could not nurse and his wife was in pretty bad shape but she refused any medical care. When she eventually passed out from infection and dehydration some of the church members from Bokole took her to the hospital but as soon as she came to and realized where she was she ran from the hospital back home. She continued to get sick from the witch doctor treatments that the church was telling. They were having her put dirt and water “blessed” by the pastor in the open wound that she had from the boil. In the end she died as a result of a boil. A very treatable illness but because of the teachings of this crazy church she died.

    This past week Titus also succumb to illness. He refused to seek medical treatment as well until he was so sick that even medical care would not help him. He passed away on Saturday night. It was heart breaking because they were a sweet couple with a cute little one but they were sucked into false teaching. There are so many false teachers.  It is a wake up call and reminder of our call to preach the Gospel and Make disciples.

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