Tuesday, 3 June 2014

May 2014 Monthly Report

“Our vision is to be a ministry of eternal significance that impacts the cause of Christ through
 the advancement and multiplication of His churches.”
May 2014

Nairobi Trip
     We went to Nairobi the end of April and the beginning of May for about a week. We were able to renew Lydia’s passport, which was about to expire. We also went in search of a new vehicle. Our old van has been good but after six years on these roads it was time for a replacement. We purchased a “New”  2006 Nissan Caravan. “New” here means it is a fresh import from Japan and has not been run on the local roads. We are very excited about the new vehicle.
         We were also able to visit with Ernie and Cissy Hopper (Granny and Babu) before they left to go on furlough. We had several meals and outings with Ernie and Cissy while we were in town. It was so good to catch up and to just be together. The Hoppers have been so influential on how we do ministry and how we live here in Kenya. They helped lay a foundation for living and thriving, and we love them so much. 

  While we were in Nairobi we took some time to show Sadie a few of the sites since it was her first trip to Nairobi. We went to the Rift Valley, the first tea farm in Kenya, the Elephant orphanage, and of course little India. We also made sure to eat at Kentucky Fried Chicken and Subway.  In my opinion two of the best reasons to visit Nairobi now! 

  We had a pretty good trip and accomplished a lot in a short period of time. We also enjoyed the cool weather and break from the heat of the coast. When we returned to the coast the rains had come bringing cooler temps so it was a nice transition.

Bible Institute
          I was able to meet with the Malindi and Gede students in the Bible Institute this past month for classes on Missions. We used one of the videos from the ABA media project for one day of classes. John Wanyonyi, missionary to South Sudan, was the instructor, and he did a great job teaching. I taught the second day introducing the Pauline Cycle of Indigenous church planting. The classes went very well, and the men are excited about the continuation of the lessons.
         I was able also to meet with the students in Singuaya and Miritini; but we mainly talked about scheduling, and I answered questions that some of the men had. In Singuaya the questions centered around marriage and in Miritini around missions. The meetings were both good. 

Ladies Seminar
   Kenya taught a ladies seminar in Singuaya this month on marriage and the wife’s role in the home. The ladies were so excited that Kenya and Sadie came.  The trip getting to them and the entire day was a bit crazy with breakdowns, spoiled food, and stuck vehicles; but at the end of the day everyone was blessed. The ladies in Singuaya have a sincere desire to learn, and Kenya was so encouraged and burdened when the classes were over. 

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Taylor Tribe
     This month was a bit less hectic even with a trip to Nairobi in the mix.  The trip to Nairobi was bitter sweet.  Nairobi is nice for the cooler weather, restaurants, and most of all visiting Ernie and Cissy.  But the traffic is killer.  Every time we wanted to go somewhere it was 2 hours in the car minimum.  That doesn’t make for happy and content children.  Nonetheless we were able to enjoy visiting with Granny and Babu, who took the kids to a really cool place similar to Chuck E. Cheese.  Cissy usually does an Easter egg hunt for the kids, but this year we didn’t make it; and since they were leaving she had to pack up all her stuff.  Usually she saves her change and puts it in their Easter eggs, but this year she just divided it into bags for each of the kids to spend at the Fun Games Center.  We not only visited and had a good time with the Hoppers, but Cissy also sent us home with about 10 boxes of goodies from her pantry.  It was like Christmas.  They have been so good to us, and we truly treasure their friendship.  They will be home on furlough for the next year. Ernie and Cissy have been faithfully serving the Lord in Kenya for almost 30 years.  If you get the chance to host them while they are home, you won’t be disappointed.  Cissy is one of the best storytellers I know, and she has invaluable experience and knowledge of life on the mission field.  And Ernie has got some stories to make even the toughest stomach churn, the hardest heart tear up, and can even get in a little prank or two while he’s at it.  I thank the Lord for their example of longevity and faithfulness. 
            James and I celebrated our 16th wedding anniversary this month as well.  I think back to junior high, twenty something years ago, when my parents first took notice of James.  Although at the time I was not a fan, they loved him and would say, “Oh we can see it now, Preacher James and his singing wife Kenya.”  Who knew my parents were prophets.  I’m thankful they took notice, and eventually I did too.  I couldn’t ask for a more godly man of integrity. 
            I had a really good time teaching the ladies in Singuaya this month.  They have been asking me to come for a long time, and now that I am free from homeschooling I was able to prepare for some classes.  The whole day was really a mess, except for the teachings.  The car broke down 3 times, and the food was nearly spoiled by the time we get there.  Not to mention, the 50 lbs. of rice I cooked was not thoroughly cooked.  By the time we made it to the church it was time for lunch.  The ladies were so gracious.  They said the lentils were only starting to spoil and the rice was fine.  They would just eat it and thank the Lord for it.  So we did.  At the end of the day all we could do was laugh at the atrocities and praise the Lord for the most important part--the teaching of God’s Word.  The food was bad, the car broke down, but Thank God for His unfailing Word!
            The kids are doing well finishing up school.  They have had some friends over from the church a couple of times.  And they found a new pet in the yard.  So the newest member of the pet family is Rango, the chameleon.  They have had tons of fun with him.  
            Now that I type all this out I realize we have had quite a month.  And in all of it I am overwhelmed at God’s goodness.  He truly is so good to us!  Thanks for reading and praying!

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