Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Pulse & World Missions Seminar Part 1

March 2-16

     We came back to Little Rock and stayed again with Mike and Jeanean Wilson for Pulse and the World Missions Seminar. The Pulse Conference held by Faith BC North Little Rock was great. The main speaker was Dr. Bobby Manning. He spoke on Monday evening and Tuesday morning. Brother Manning spoke passionately and boldly. Everyone that was present was challenged by his messages. Brother Chris Bocklage and I also spoke on Tuesday morning. Chris spoke on engaging your community and I spoke on engaging your world. During the afternoon we had some great break away sessions with Kyle Lewallan, Mike Withem, and Jenny Clements.

     It was a great honor to be asked to speak at the conference and to share the stage with Brother Manning and Chris. We also were blessed to be led in worship by People of the Earth. They did an incredible job preparing our hearts for the messages each session. I am so glad that Faith BC took the reigns and are continuing to offer this type of venue for pastors, missionaries, and ministers. It is a great time of fellowship and encouragement.

I am not sure where to start with the World Missions Seminar.... The seminar was just awesome! The teaching was phenomenal and the fellowship was sweet. The seminar ran smoothly even in spite of some pretty treacherous weather.

Kenya and I taught five classes each with one of them being together. We love having the opportunity to invest in others. The World Missions Seminar is a unique opportunity for missionaries to get specialized training from experienced men and women. We have been beneficiaries of this ministry since we surrendered to missions back in 1999. It was awesome this time to come back and share on the other side. We not only got to teach be we got to learn as well. The classes are always so good and many times fresh as Brother Lynn and Brenda bring in various speakers each year.

The times of preaching are also very good and always seem to meet the needs that we all come with. The worship time, prayer, and everything just fits together to create a learning and encouraging environment. I do not know how else to share the seminar except through pictures and some explanations.

 These were some of the teachers, preachers, and worship leaders that taught and lead at the seminar this year.

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