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February Monthly Report 2015

February 2015

Admin and Maintenance

      December and January were awesome ministry months full of activity and being in the field. The result is a lot of administrative work, things to repair around the house, and maintenance on the vehicles. Once the last of our guests left at the end of January, we tried to catch our breath a little and even get caught up on some office work.
     Clayton and I did some renovations on the mission compound this month. The big one was putting in a 2000 liter water tank so we can ease our water issues we keep having. We quadrupled our water on site. We also plumbed in another washer so there are two washers on the compound for our families and all the groups that come over.
    I spent a lot of hours in the office working on updates and preparing for the five classes and three sermons that I have for the World Missions Seminar and Pulse Conference in March. Kenya also spent many hours preparing for four classes that she will be teaching the missionary wives. We are looking forward to teaching, being taught, and the fellowship with all the other missionaries in March.
     No month would be complete these days without some vehicle issues to work out. The A/C went out on the van so it went into the shop, and we had to take the Land Rover in because it was blowing oil everywhere. Thankfully, the motor bike was running fine; so Clayton and I could run into the villages and still get work done. The van was not too hard of a fix; but the Land Rover, well let’s just say the shop is redoing the rebuild they did. Lord willing, we will get it all sorted soon.

             On a side note to the vehicles, Clayton and I went and looked at an off road buggy that we are considering purchasing for our trips to town and out to Singwaya. The buggy is a 2013 model, street legal, and will do 100 KPH. The suspension is crazy awesome. We are considering purchasing one to save on the wear and tear of our vehicles especially to Singwaya. We once used the motorbike for trips like this, but the roads have gotten so bad and the sand traps are incredibly dangerous. The buggies cost about $8000, but we are confident that they will pay for themselves in what they save us in wear and tear on vehicles and our bodies. 
World Missions Ministry Partnership
             We are very excited about partnering with Lynn and Brenda Raburn in the World Missions Ministry.  I thought it wise to let everyone know that this does not mean we are leaving Kenya to pursue this ministry. We are dedicated to the work in Kenya and excited about all that the Lord is doing on the coast and the regions beyond. God is continuing to add to the team and we are gearing up for future ministry among unreached people groups to the North. 
      We are starting a transition time over the next four or five years where Kenya and I will begin to take on more and more responsibilities from Lynn and Brenda until we are leading the ministry. Kenya and I are doing much in preparation including continuing education. God has and continues to allow us to pour into others from the things he is teaching us on this journey of faith. We are excited to share in this new ministry to help future missionaries be successful. We have benefited from the World Missions Ministry and God has used Lynn and Brenda as well as all the other instructors that participate in the World Missions Seminar to help mold and shape us into missionaries.  
     Honestly, we do not know what this will all look like in four or five years; but we know that until Jesus comes we want to be about the Master’s work.

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James Taylor PO Box 811 Malindi, Kenya 80200
Phone 011-254-713289014

Taylor Tribe

This month it was nice to take a break from some of the busyness of December and January.  The kids worked very hard on getting as much schoolwork as possible done before spring break.  The trip to the states for the seminar will be their spring break.  They are doing very well in school and seem to be on track for our goal of being self-learners.  Ashley does so well with them.  She lets them pace themselves giving them timelines and goals to use as they work.  My goal when I started homeschooling was to have self disciplined, self-learners by 6th grade.  Josiah, Abigail, and Lydia are good at working independently.  Sarah and Samuel still have work to do to get there, but we have a few years to keep working at it.  The kids focused really hard on their Destination Imagination project.  While we are in the states the kids will have the opportunity to participate as an exhibition team in the Louisiana DI competition.  They are excited and nervous.  James and I know nothing about the project because no one is allowed to help them.  Ashley is their coach and she is only allowed to give them instructions, rules, and ask provoking questions that might get them to use their imagination to solve potential problems.  We are excited for this first time experience for them. 
            Ever since the kids were small we haven’t really had babysitters for Valentine’s Day while on the field so I have always made it a family affair.  The kids make Valentines in school, then we have a school party, and then in the evening we pass out our Valentines and have a fancy dinner.  Sometimes we all dress up and go to a nicer restaurant in town, or I make dinner and dress the table with formal place settings.  We have always enjoyed it, so this year was no different.  We decided to do a fancy dinner here at the house.  The kids had their school party, we traded Valentines, and had a nice dinner of lasagna, salad, and garlic bread.  Ashley even made us a Valentines Day Love Music playlist.  It was a fun evening. 
            James and I worked really hard doing research and studying for our classes for the World Missions Seminar.  I am super excited about the opportunity to share with other ladies our experience on the field and see how God can use it to help others.  This ministry has been a huge blessing to us through the years.  Nearly everything I know I have learned from Lynn and Brenda Raburn, and Ernie and Cissy Hopper as they have poured into us during our 12 years on the field.  I’m so grateful that they have let God use them to share their experiences.  We have also learned much just by life experience.  I pray that God will speak through us as we make ourselves available to be used in this area of ministry. 
          Thanks for reading and praying.


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