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March 2015 Report

March 2015

World Missions Seminar 2015
            We arrived in Little Rock a week before the World Missions Seminar in order to help Brother Lynn and Brenda with final preparations. Brother Lynn also wanted us to know the process and how things are done. We enjoyed getting to spend time with Lynn and Brenda and begin to “learn the ropes”. Brother Lynn’s sending church, Faith BC, North Little Rock is so awesome! The members and staff along with Lynn and Brenda do an amazing job coordinating everything and working together. Lynn and Brenda really have strong support in the church and so many that believe in the ministry they do.  
  The World Missions Seminar was awesome! Brother Lynn works hard to get a line up of teachers with experience and understanding of their subjects to make the Seminar a unique opportunity for specialized missions training. He and Brenda also teach many of the classes as well as offer much counseling throughout the two weeks. Truly it was a great time of learning, fellowship, and revival. It was encouraging also to see a number of new missionaries attending the seminar.


         We were able to talk to Ben and Anne Fisher at the seminar and they are continuing to pray and seek the Lord’s will about joining the EKM team. Ben and Anne’s pastor Aaron Johnson also attended the seminar, and I got to visit with him about our potential partnership and offered our assistance as they make decisions. We visited with Adam Merritt and his wife as well during the seminar.  They believe God has called them to missions in some capacity. We invited them to come and visit us to begin to pursue what God may be calling them to do. Pray for them as they make their preparations .          

 2015 Pulse Conference 

Not only did we get to attend and teach at the World Missions Seminar but also I was privileged to be one of the speakers of the 2015 Pulse Conference put on by Faith BC, North Little Rock, AR. Dr. Bobby Manning and Brother Chris Bocklage were the other speakers at the conference and they were both amazing! The theme of the conference was community. I spoke on mobilizing the Epaphradituses in our congregations and creating a culture of missions to impact our world. I was so honored to participate in the conference.

Clayton and Lindsey's Landy 
When Clayton and I returned to Kenya this month we stayed over in Nairobi for a week in search of a vehicle for the Farming God’s Way ministry. Clayton test-drove several different types of vehicles and concluded that the Land Rover was indeed the best option for the areas we work in. We found one that was in the budget and purchased it. So here is the newest member of the EKM Team

Furlough 2015        
 We are making preparations already for our 2015 furlough. It is hard to believe we will have completed another three-year term here on the coast in July. This furlough is going to be a bit different for our family. We are planning to stay in Monticello near our sending church. I will be attending the Missionary Baptist Seminary to finish my Masters degree, and we plan to put the kids in school for a year. This will limit their ability to travel with me as they have in the past, but we feel it is the best thing for them as we enter a new phase of life. Josiah will be a freshman, and we have one more term in Kenya to help him prepare to return to the states for college.
         We plan to visit as many supporting churches as we can to give report, cast vision for the future, and raise funds for replacing our Land Rover. Over the next few months we will be making several survey trips north of Malindi as we put a strategy together of how to preach the Gospel among the Orma, Wardei, and Pokomo. Please pray for our safety and for God to open the doors as we seek to preach in the regions beyond.

  PO Box 299 Monticello, AR 71657
 James Taylor PO Box 811 Malindi, Kenya 80200
Phone 011-254-713289014 missionarytaylor@gmail.com

Taylor Tribe

This month we had an awesome time at the World Missions Seminar.  The classes were great and the fellowship sweet.  For me the whole two weeks was emotional.  It was as if we relived so much of our life as we listened to the classes about getting ready to go, adjusting to the field, and culture shock.  We have been through so many of the things that were taught, yet it was so good to listen and remember what it was like.  I truly enjoyed teaching the classes that I taught.  I am excited that people are still going and wives are saying yes to follow their husbands wherever God calls their family.  I really do hope that God was able to speak through me as I just simply shared my experience as a missionary wife.  It was an absolute joy talking about all that God has allowed us to do.  Being able to speak into all of the ladies who were there refreshed and revived my heart.  It stirred in me a great desire to be even more open to God to fill me up so I can be poured out for Him in every way.
            The first week of the seminar the kids worked really hard on their DI project.  It was on the weekend between the two weeks of the seminar.  On Saturday we headed to Louisiana and attended the competition.  They were so nervous, but they did a great job.  They were over by about 30 seconds on the time limit but they still did a fantastic job.  It was even a lot of fun going around and watching all of the other groups perform.  Since they were just an exhibition team, they received scores but couldn’t technically place.  But for their level, Ashley said looking at the scores, they would have placed second.  They had fun and learned a lot. 
            The second week of the seminar Mrs. Holly Hartung had lots of activities planned for all the kids.  They went to a museum and the Big Dam Bridge in Little Rock. They even enjoyed some bowling and made several new friends.  Mrs. Jeanean Wilson always spoils them; one evening she took them to the trampoline park. 
            The kids and I spent an extra 10 days in Indiana after James left to return to Kenya.  I wanted to check on my mom, dad, and sister after all their health problems.  We visited with my family and James’ family.  It was good to see that they are all doing well.  My mom and sister have pretty much recovered from their recent health issues.  We had time to go shopping and to a fun zone with my mom.  We visited a couple of parks and played games with James’ mom.  My sister and I sewed a dress together.  And the kids even managed an Easter egg hunt with a cousin.  It was nice to have a little bit of time with them all. 
            I jumped right in to the seminar, but I can’t forget to say what a great sending church we have.  When we came in, our church received us like celebrities.  I cannot even begin to write how grateful we are for Pauline Baptist Church.  They love us, are for us, take care of us, and hold the ropes for us in every way.  Our kids have adoptive families that treat them like their own.  Our pastor is a great encouragement to us.  Ben and Esbeida Higginbotham, who serve on our Kenya missions committee, are great friends.  They are true servants.  Ben does so much for us, no one truly knows the behind-the-scenes work he does not just for us, but even for our whole church.  The ladies of Dorcas Circle always make me feel special.  And the worship services were medicine for our souls.  I pray that God blesses Pauline BC in a great way. 
            Our trip back was a little bit eventful, since I misread the itinerary and we missed our flight, but thanks to Jack Story for getting us back on track with only a slight delay.  It sure is good to be back home with James in Kenya.
            Thanks for reading and praying.


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