Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Destination Imagination, Birthday, Crossfit, and Indiana

March 14-28

     During the World Missions Seminar and on the weekends Josiah, Abigail, and I were getting up early and taking every chance we could to do "real" Crossfit. We went to three different Crossfit gyms and they were all awesome. When we were in Monticello we went to the Crossfit Monticello gym with Chris and Ashley Weast.  They are also members of our church. Chris was awesome to let us workout with them and even helped us with some weights for our gym here. While we were in Little Rock for the seminar we went to Incendiary Crossfit one day but ended up working out the rest of the time at Crossfit Sherwood. At Crossfit Sherwood Lesley and Marsha were so good to work with us. Lesley is a christian and the environment at the gym was reflective of it. She even had verses for the week on the board and it was a family type environment. We really enjoyed our time at all the gyms and are looking forward to furlough joining Chris and Ashley with the Monticello Crossfit team.

     In between the two weeks of the World Missions Seminar we went to Shreveport, Louisiana to Ashley's home town for a Destination Imagination competition.  Ashley was able to talk to a friend that heads up the competition about our kids entering as an exhibition team and she set it all up so our kids could participate. The kids worked on a skit for the competition for months with Ashley as their coach. They wrote a script, built props, memorized lines and everything with no help from us and just guidance from Ashley. The kids really worked hard and were super excited and nervous about participating.

     The kids did great at their skit. They missed the time mark by about 30 seconds but did a great job.  Their set and everything was so creative. After they did their skit we watched others who were competing in different categories. It was a fun day for the kids. We are so thankful for Ashley exposing the kids to DI and making it possible to participate. Ashely has really helped our kids unlock so much potential.
     We stayed the night with Ashley's family and got to meet her parents, her brother, and sister-in law.  The only one we did not get to meet was her sister.  Ashley's sister-in-law was very pregnant and was the reason for Ashley's return. By the way since we were there the baby has been born and Ashley LOVES being an aunt. Lindsey and her parents came to Ashley's for dinner while we were there also so it was a great time to visit with everyone. We have an awesome team!

     Also the weekend between the Seminar weeks we celebrated Samuel's 7th Birthday! He is getting so big. We did gifts and things in Monticello but the real celebration was when we returned to North Little Rock. We went to Chuck E. Cheese and had cake and Ice cream at Mike and Jeanean's afterwards.

     After the World Missions Seminar ended we headed straight to Indiana to see our families. I had three days to see some of my family but Kenya and the kids stayed on for another ten days after I left. I will post another update about my and Clayton's trip to Nairobi. I was able to see Kenya's family, my mom, brother, sister, my Aunt Carol and family, as well as our good friends Greg and Alison with their boys. The Sunday we were in we were even able to sneak down to Bloomington to be in services with Brother Scott and Missy. It was a busy three days for me before I flew to Dallas to meet up with Clayton to return here to Kenya.
     The kids and Kenya stayed in Indiana for another week or so to visit with family a little more before rejoining us in Nairobi this past Saturday.

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