Wednesday, 28 January 2015

The Fisher Family Survery Trip

January 5-14 
            On the January 5 Kenya loaded up with the Eyes on Christ team and the Fishers  and went to Mombasa to take Julie and Tami Jo to the airport and to show Ben and Anne around Mombasa a little. Once the EOC team was off the ground we turned our attention to the Fisher’s Survey Trip.  It is true that part of the survey was working with the Eyes on Christ Clinic, but they also needed time to see availability of things and to ask specific questions. They asked a lot of questions just during our times in transit and while visiting, but we honed in a bit once EOC was gone.
            While Kenya was in Mombasa with Ben and Anne I kept all eight kids and we had a great day hanging out. We went to the beach for some fun in the sand dunes, then in the water. Then we took a trip to the ice cream shop to get all hopped up on sugar, but that back fired on me and they turned on me….

Tuesday we had a good meeting in the morning with the entire team and spent a little extra time with Ben and Anne. We got out the maps of the coast and talked about the future and all dreamed together for a little bit. Ben and Anne have a heart for discipleship and writing material and we could all see where they could fit in on the team. Ben and Anne both were so diligent to keep notes and ask great questions. John and Amber took Ben and Anne out for dinner on Tuesday to visit and answer questions from missionaries fresh off the deputation trail. I know they had a great time.

            We continued to have meetings each morning and in the afternoons as well. I was able to take everyone on a tour of the small hospital that we go to when we need medical attention here in Malindi. The doctor does a great job and if it is beyond his ability he is willing to tell us and recommend other doctors in Mombasa. He is also really good to explain things. We got the full tour of the hospital from the front to the back. Abigail also got a shot while we were at it for her sinus trouble.

Kenya was able to get with a local land agent so Ben and Anne could see a couple houses and get an idea of the availability of housing. Noah, Annabelle, and Rianne were able to attend school one day with the kids to see how home school worked a little. Anne and Ben also were able to attend school with Getrude to check out Swahili classes.  There was even a quick run to the Croc Farm to see the Crocs and Python.

My favorite picture of Ben...why? He is driving the Land Rover!  BOOYAH!

            We had an awesome time with Ben and Anne as well as with their kids. Our kids connected immediately and all became best friends. The entire time the Fishers were with us I think their kids stayed with our kids and they all played hard! We had one last meeting on Saturday night before the Fishers left out on Sunday and talked about the over all trip and shared thoughts about the future. I think it was a successful survey trip and now it is up to the Lord to make clear his will. Please pray for the Fishers as they seek God. 

            We had one last service with Jimba on our way to the airport in Mombasa on Sunday. Leaving Sunday morning from the house everyone had to say their good-byes. It is amazing how kids can get so close in a week. I know all our kids will miss Noah, Annabelle and Rianne. 

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