Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Tanzania Trip and Tech Fundi Trip

January 15-22

            The Fishers flew out on Sunday then immediately on Monday Clayton, the Straders, and I hopped a bus to go to Tanzania. The trip started off a little crazy since we left too late and missed our bus…thankfully there was another bus company that that had not left yet so we were able to get on it. This turned out to be a blessing because the bus we got on was AIR CONDITIONED! Booyah! We rode in style for sure. It was still a long drive to Chalinze, Tanzania where we got off the bus and instead of getting on a smaller bus we got a taxi that took us straight to the language school it was about 2 bucks more per person compared to the cramped up bus but we splurged and went with it. : )
            We really had a great trip in and we all were thanking the Lord for it. Ellanora did amazing on the drive and John…well John can sleep anywhere. 

            Once we got to the language school in Morogoro Clayton got us all set up in our rooms, took John and Amber  on a tour of the school then we headed to town for dinner. Clayton and Lindsey’s favorite place to eat was closed so Clayton was a bit disappointed, but we found a nice place to eat. While we were driving Clayton was pointing out things all along the way for John and Amber. We had an awesome night of sleep in cool weather. 

            We got up on Tuesday and went to town to help John and Amber get phone lines set up and so Clayton could show them around a bit. Clayton and Lindsey’s experience in Morogoro was a huge help to get John and Amber a good start. Clayton not only was able to show them around on this trip he put together a packet of information with phone numbers and everything. I love being part of a team that takes care of each other! 

            After lunch once we finished up showing John and Amber around and they picked up a few things. Clayton and I decided to climb another one of the mountains while John and Amber went back to the language school. Last time I came to visit Clayton and I climbed the big mountain we decided to climbed the smaller one since we had time before dinner.
            We got some motor bikes to take us up part of the way then we had to hike the rest. 

We did not make it to the very top of the mountain because our time was running not to mention that a storm was rolling in. We could hear thunder in the not so distant distance. 

And we started to see the clouds descending on us from over the mountain. 

We decided to RUN down the mountain, yes Run, not just go quickly. We were booking it then the MONSOON hit. The rain and wind was insane. We were running in what became a river under our feet. We not only had to not slip and fall down but we had to not slip and fall off the edge of the mountain. It was crazy but fun. We ran down to where we started with the motor bikes then all the way to the very bottom. I had to stop at one point to zip off my pant legs to wrap my feet because I got blisters on both my big toes. I did not wear my running shoes so I was dying, but we did it. When we did get to the bottom of the mountain we realized our phones were dead so we could not call our taxi to pick us up. Thankfully a motor bike came by and took us on one bike together until we found another motor bike to get us back to the language school. We were drowned rats by the time we got back to the school but we made it in time for dinner.
            We had dinner at Clayton and Lindsey’s favorite place to eat in Morogoro. The food was really good…well my food and Amber’s was good. John and Clayton got some bad chicken. It smelled rancid! Clayton was complaining about his tasting funny and not right then John noticed his was not good either. When John had me smell his I nearly lost my meal on my plate. It was a little funny because Clayton had talked up the garlic lemon and herb chicken so much and how amazing it was then it ended up being terrible. Ok it was not funny but funny to harass him about it.
            Wednesday Clayton and I were up and on the road by 6:00. We did not leave Chalinze without having some of the best chapatis ever with ginger tea.

We took nearly all forms of transportation taxi, bus, Ferry, tuk tuk, matatu, and private car. Our trip was about 14 hours long but well worth the effort to make sure John, Amber, and Ellanora were settled in and pointed in the right direction. Pray for John, Amber, and Ellanora as they study Swahili. We are sure they will do great!
John's Recent picture of them in Class. AWESOME!

            Thursday we rested up a little then picked up our good friend Greg Simo on Friday. Greg came in to work with some of the pastors on some business opportunities. Greg is a techno guy and the Lord has given him a heart and ability to be blessing to some of the men we are working with. He has been able to send over some equipment in the past that has been used by some of the men to set up businesses to provide for their needs. This time Greg himself was able to come and bring some things to set up two men with potential businesses. 

            It has been awesome to see how the Lord has provided for Greg to do this ministry. He is calling his ministry Tech Fundi. There have been individual’s help him but mainly it has been Greg just trusting the Lord and God providing through unexpected ways.  All the equipment and machines that he has given to the men for these endeavors have been given to him for free or are things that Greg himself gave. Greg has been an amazing friend over the years and has a heart for God’s work and we are so excited to see him use his talents for the Lord. I know Greg’s family wanted to come, but were not able to. Still we appreciate Alison, Jacob, and Zachary sharing him with us for a week.
Although Greg’s visit was short we squeezed in as much as we could. We were able to check in with one of the men that Greg sent machines over for last year and see how he was doing as well as get two others set up with similar businesses. There was much to do besides just setting things up. Greg had to teach how to use the machines and we had to do test runs of everything at the house before we took things to the men. Please pray for the men Greg has worked with that the Lord will bless them in their businesses so they can provide for themselves and have more time to serve the Lord as a result.

 We had a great time of fellowship, hanging out, and ministering together.  We attended church in Singwaya which was Greg's first time to go out Singwaya.

We also had Bible study under a tree in Midiani with the new fellowship that is starting there with Elly. It was my first time to be with the fellowship in Midiani for a regular bible study and it was awesome.  

We managed to squeeze in morning of Snorkeling while Greg was with us as well. 

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