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December 2014 Report

“Our vision is to be a ministry of eternal significance that impacts the cause of Christ through the 
advancement and multiplication of His churches.”
December 2014

Christmas Extravaganza
         As a team we all went out this month and visited all the churches and the new Bible studies to celebrate Christmas. It was great for the churches to see the team together and for everyone on the team to see the churches as well.

Gandini LBC- Gandini kicked off the Christmas cinemas and celebrating at the beginning of the month. We had a great time with the church. We had a fellowship dinner of beans and ugali before the cinema and a time of preaching. 

Singwaya LBC-We attended services with the Singwaya church and spent the day celebrating with food, fun, and preaching. There was a great turn out for two cinemas. 

Bokole LBC- The second week of the month we were with the Bokole church. We started with a small group but ended up with a good turn out for the cinema. We got the Land Rover stuck in the mud on our way out which as Fred said, “is just the cost of evangelism.” 

Midiani Bible Study- This was our very first visit to Midiani where Eli has started a new Bible study. We presented Bibles before the cinema to those who completed studies. It was a great first visit and we look forward to what God is going to do. 

Mnara wa Kweli LBC, Miritini We were in worship services with Mnara wa Kweli and had a great time with the church. Brother John preached a great message before the cinema.

Mjomboni Bible Study- We did some door to door before the cinema to invite people. This was our first time to do an open air in the area. Alfonse is meeting weekly with a group so we were trying to help them get started. The Magangani Choir came and sang to help out.

Mangangani LBC- We had a great time visiting with the church in Mangangani. There were lots of children that Amber Strader taught how to play Red Rover.  There was a large turn out for the cinema once it got dark. 

First LBC Malindi- We attended services with the church in Malindi and as part of the service we shared the cinema. Attendance was down because people were out of town but we still had a good time sharing the cinema. 

Jimba LBC- After worship service in Malindi we immediately headed to Jimba to be with Daniel and the folks there. 

  Eyes on Christ Team 2014
The Eyes on Christ ministry was with us this month doing eye clinics in five different areas. We had eyes on Christ with us a few years back and they did a great job.  This trip was even better! Julie and Tammy Jo were joined by our ground team to compose the Eyes on Christ team this year. We went to three churches; Mnara wa Kweli LBC; First LBC, Malindi; and Singwaya LBC and in two new areas where we are starting Bible studies: Midiani and Mjomboni.
     Our purpose was to preach the Gospel, share the love of Christ, and help give the churches and Bible studies public exposure and contacts to follow up on. We accomplished all our goals and more with the clinics.  Julie was able to examine  696 people; Tammy Jo distributed 619 pairs of glasses and 900 pairs of sunglasses; we gave out 1200 John and Romans in Swahili; preached the gospel multiple times in each location; and did visitation as well. We planted a lot of seed and we are praying to God for the increase. We are so grateful for all that Eyes on Christ did while they were here, and we look forward to working with them again in the future. 
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What a month!  December is always busy as we try to go around and encourage the churches.  We try to plan ahead so that we can still have our normal family holiday traditions as well as enjoy some of the local festivities.  Although it was a hectic month, I think we had a good balance of both.  Ashley worked really hard with the kids helping them memorize the entire Christmas story.  In music class the kids even practiced a song to perform for all of us.  We did all the normal decorating, baking cookies, and since it’s hot, we substituted milkshakes for hot cocoa.  Clayton even made us frappuccino’s one evening.  We celebrated Amber’s and Ellanora’s birthdays.  We watched a lot of fun Christmas movies and made Christmas crafts and gingerbread houses.  We also decided that instead of spending all morning Christmas cooking, we had Christmas eve dinner and Christmas day brunch, then ate leftovers the rest of the day.  James even cleared the desks out of the schoolroom for Christmas week and made it into a Winter Wonderland of air conditioning, mattresses, and movies.  He used the projector to put the movies on the wall.  We all loved that! The kids all said at different times it was the best Christmas ever.  Ashley and I agreed that if we can get that same statement each year we are doing well.  Ashley gave us all matching PJs, which was awesome.  The whole team sported them Christmas day as we relaxed the whole day. 
In addition to all the festivities, they opened a Dominoes in Mombasa.  In America that may not seem like a big deal, but it is awesome!  We have already eaten there four times.  God not only gives us things we need, He gives us things we want!
Just before Christmas my mom had a stroke.  It was hard being so far away, but thank God for internet and cell phones.  We were able to keep in touch the whole time she was in the hospital.  And praise the Lord, she has regained most of the use of her leg and arm.  So many people were praying and for those prayers we are truly grateful. 
We had a lot of fun with the Eyes on Christ team doing the clinics.  Abigail actually seemed to really find her niche.  She has been saying for a while now that she wants to be a doctor.  She translated for Tammy Jo in giving out the eyeglasses. At first I started out doing it, but then she decided to give it a try.  The second day I tried to help her and she said, “It’s okay, Mama, I got it from here.”  So I left her to it, and she did awesome. She kept saying how sweet the “old” people were.  She, as well as we, loved seeing the smiles on their faces as they were given the gift of sight.  It was awesome!
We were also blessed with several packages and Christmas love offerings.  Thank you so much to all those who were a blessing to us this year.  We are humbled at how kind and loving you are to us. 
Thanks for reading and praying.

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