Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Christmas 2014

December and January have simply flown by… It seems like Christmas was yesterday and we were preparing for the New Year. The reality is that a month has indeed gone by and we are nearing the completion the first month of 2015. I do not want to leave a huge gap in the updates so I will attempt to piece together updates from memory and my calendar to bring anyone up to speed that is taking this journey with us through the updates. It is always a great mental exercise for me to go back and relive in some ways the events as I am writing. Of course the details will not be as deep and I will try to put in lots of pictures.
I  think to myself sometimes that maybe these updates have already served their purpose and I should just discontinue them but I really do enjoy writing them and having a written record of all that the Lord has done. I must admit it adds a pressure because I want to write them but many days I simply do not have the mental capacity to write and rehash the events. I am not complaining just sharing the journey with those of you who read. By the way, thank you for reading and praying…. Well lets get started with installment one of the Catch-up.

December 19-26
            We finished up the round robin to all the churches in December with a four location weekend December 19-21. We went to Mjomboni on Friday 19th to show the cinema and pass out tracts. Brother John did some teaching before the cinema and the choir from Magangani LBC sang some songs. We showed the Jesus film rather than the Nativity at this location since it was our first time to do a cinema. 

            Saturday we were with the Mangangani Church for cinema, then on Sunday we showed the Nativity in Malindi in the morning and in Jimba in the afternoon. It was a busy weekend but we all had a great time fellowshiping and celebrating the birth of Christ. It was a great chance for all of us to go out as a team and be with the churches. 

            Once the weekend was over it was time for us to take a breather and celebrate Christmas as a team and as families. We did squeeze in a trip to Mombasa to go to the newly opened Dominoes Pizza and Cold Stone Creamery. Yes you read right DOMINOES! We had our doubts if it would be legit but it is!  

           After an awesome day at Dominoes we had a birthday party for Ellanora at Clayton and Lindsey’s house. Lindsey and Clayton had their house decorated and a cake made when we got back from Mombasa so we could celebrate Ellanora turning 2. Ellanora is so cute and we loved sharing her birthday together.

We had a great Christmas week. We had our Team Christmas dinner and gift exchange on Christmas Eve. The food was amazing. We even had Ham! Ashley got everyone matching Christmas Pajamas for our Christmas Day Brunch.

 On Christmas day we all got together after having time with our families and had a brunch followed by some pool time. Oh wonderful Tropical Christmas traditions!

It was great to take some time to laugh, play, and rest during Christmas week knowing that starting immediately after Christmas we would be plunged into the Eyes on Christ campaign and Fisher family survey trip.

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