Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Straders and Howells are here!

November 12-20

It was a great week. I spent a couple days working on the Land Rover trying to get some things fixed that have needed to be worked on for a while. I also learned why using a welding helmet is better than welding goggles...after I had a racoon face from the flash burns. Lesson learned after my face peeled this week. Anyhow...I did get several things welded up and bolted down with some rubber buffers put in place to help with all the rattling. There is still another full day of work left but I had to put it off with other things needing to be done.
     We also took the Land Rover in and replaced all the suspension to try and protect all the work that has been done of recent to the engine. The shocks were shot, the springs were wore out, and the bushings needed replaced. We were able to drop it off and get it all taken care of in a day at a cost of only $2000. The good news is that shocks are guaranteed for a year, the springs have a lifetime guarantee, and the bushes they said will last for even up to five years. The Land Rover has taken a beating over the past few years but it has had a facelift and rebuild so hopefully it will be good to go.
     I was able to go to Mjomboni to meet with some of the folks that Alfonse is working with to start a new church near his home. There is a good little group that is meeting and they seem very eager to be taught. We made some plans to do some evangelistic outreaches next month with showing a cinema and taking the Eyes on Christ ministry to the area. We all agreed this would be a great opportunity to preach the gospel and see the response we will have. After we did some planning we had a Bible study on the second birth. Pray for this group in Mjomboni.
     I was able to visit the church in Jimba on Sunday. At first it was a little disappointing, because there was a mama there and seven children, but Daniel was not there nor any of the other church leaders.  Brenda, Ricklynn and Godfry's sister who stays in Timboni near the church, showed up and taught Sunday school for the children. Little by little folks showed up, including Daniel himself. We ended up having a pretty good service. Daniel asked me to preach and I really enjoyed the opportunity. The church in Jimba as well as Daniel need prayers for leadership and vision.
     I was able to go by Daniel's this week as well to see his wife. She is doing better and is continuing to improve. She is able to use her hand and leg on the right side even enough that she can walk a little with help. She is also speaking a little more but still gets confused. Thank you for praying for her. While I was in Mjomboni with Alfonse his dad came to our meeting for a portion of the time. He is doing ok but still not great. He really is just very old with many health problems. Alfonse is trying to keep his dad comfortable and provide for him as best he can. I appreciate these men taking care of their families.

     On Monday when we dropped off the Land Rover our entire family had dentist appointments for check ups and cleanings. The office blocks off an entire afternoon for our family. We travel two hours for the appointments so we try to do them all together. Josiah was the only one who had a cavity that was near one of his brackets from his braces so he has to go back next week. While we were in town we picked up a few other things that we needed and did some shopping.
    Josiah and I returned to Mombasa on Tuesday after I finished a morning of finances and administrative work to meet up with Clayton and Lindsey. They came in from language school in Tanzania. After we had supper together we went to a cheap hotel near the airport to stay until we had to pick up the Straders at 3:30 am at the airport. Unfortunately we got stuck in a two hour traffic gridlock that was not a lot of fun. It gave us a chance to talk and laugh a little. I complained quite a bit and apologized but thankfully we made it to our rooms to get a couple hours sleep. The hotel we stayed at is a nice place that is very inexpensive. Usually when I tell Kenya I found a cheap hotel she is skeptical and for good reason  : )  but this hotel actually is good.
    We were able to get a few hours rest then headed to the airport and picked up John, Amber, and Ellanora. They and their luggage made it in with no problems. It was an awesome ride home just chit chatting with everyone. We are all just super excited to be here and looking forward to all that God is going to do.

    The past two days we have all been getting things going and doing some planning. We managed to get post office boxes for everyone and phones up and going. We also went over the next couple of months in brief and did some dreaming about the future. The Straders are still zapped from jet lag not to mention road weary from all the deputation travels but they will get all rested up and thinking clearly soon. Kenya, the kids, and Ashely worked really hard to have the little guest house ready for them so they at least had a home to move into. They also had Clayton and Lindsey's place all cleaned up and ready for them.
     We are so grateful to the Lord for putting this team together and we are anticipating great things. Pray for all the adjustments and work that needs to be done as we serve.

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