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Monthly Report October 2014

“Our vision is to be a ministry of eternal significance that impacts the cause of Christ through the advancement and multiplication of His churches.”
October 2014
Tanzania Visit
         This month I took a trip down to Tanzania to visit Farming God’s Way missionaries Clayton and Lindsey Howell at language school. They are getting very close to finishing up their initial language program. We wanted to try and encourage them a little in the midst of the mind melt or purgatory as some call language training. I carried over some things that they had received in some boxes as well as a bunch of movies. After a full day of language learning, it is nice to just have some chewing gum for the brain, which is what movies are to me.
         Clayton talked a lot about sitting in class, looking up at Mount Lupanga behind the language school and day dreaming of climbing it, so we took a day and did it. We had a great time just breaking away and hiking for four hours to 7200ft and three hours back down. There were times we were on our hands and knees. It was awesome!
            Clayton also showed me around the school, and the three of us enjoyed hanging out and talked about how things were going. We played some games and had a nice weekend to be together. We are so glad that next month Clayton and Lindsey will be back in Kenya with us! They will be starting their ministry and continuing language studies with Gertrude.
Farming God’s Way Support
         Clayton and Lindsey will soon be here in Kenya laboring as a part of the team effort. We are eager and anxious to see all God is going to do through them. They are still in need of monthly support. Please consider joining their monthly support team. We believe they are a vital part of the present and future work on the coast and beyond. Funds can be sent to our sending church, Pauline BC, marked Farming God’s Way. 

Ministry Expansion

     We are very excited about the opportunity the Lord has opened for us to expand our ministry by partnering with Lynn and Brenda Raburn in their World Missions Ministry. We have been recipients of the Raburns’ ministry to missionaries for years. We are looking forward to working with and learning from them. Beginning this year, we will be teaching and helping with preparations for the World Missions Seminar at Faith BC, North Little Rock, AR, March 2-13. God has used the Raburns and this seminar to prepare and equip our family over the years, so we are super excited about beginning our partnership in this seminar.
Eyes on Christ
     Julie Schoeff with Eyes on Christ will be coming at the end of December through the first week of January. Tickets have been purchased, and we are praying and planning for the locations we will be taking the clinics. We could use this opportunity as a push in the areas where we are currently working to start new churches. Please pray for this outreach that God will bless it and people will be saved. The Eyes on Christ ministry still needs funds for visas, baggage overage fees, and other supplies.  If you would like to help with this trip, please send funds directly to Eyes on Christ, 1924 W. Cross St.. Anderson, IN 46011.  Email contact
Vickers Departure
            We said good-bye to the Vickers family this month as they ended their internship with us a little early. They came here to confirm/clarify their calling, and God made clear His will for them concerning the work here in Kenya. They concluded that they would not be returning to work with us full time at this time.  We had a wonderful time ministering with and to their family, and we will miss them. We were grateful for the opportunity to serve their church, Flatwoods MBC, Mountain View, AR, in hosting the Vickers as interns and working through this process.
PO Box 299 Monticello, AR 71657

James Taylor PO Box 811 Malindi, Kenya 80200
Phone 011-254-713289014
Taylor Tribe

We began the month by saying goodbye to the Vickers family.  The kids were super disappointed that their friends had to leave so soon, but they were grateful for the time they had together.  In life we say lots of goodbyes.  Friends move away, grandparents pass on, jobs change, we move houses; and this is a life skill that third culture kids learn very quickly.  I can’t count how many times my kids have had to say goodbye.  Just as soon as they say hello, it seems they are turning right around to say goodbye.  Whether it’s a home, toy, family, or friend.  I don’t say that for you to feel sorry for my kids, but just so you may recognize a part of our life that they have dealt with very well.  I am proud of them that, although they don’t have any close friends, they take advantage of the friends they do make along the way.  Whether it’s for a day, a week, or a month, they live it up to the fullest.  I am thankful that God has given us children who understand the sacrifices they make for the sake of the ministry God has called us to.  I am also thankful for the friends that God has provided for them at just the right time. 
            Fall is my favorite time of the year, and boy do I miss it.  Even though we don’t have any seasons except Hot and Really Hot, I do my best to keep all the typical fall traditions.  The Lord even blessed us with a couple of cooler, rainy, fall-like days.  I put out all of my decorations, and we “nailed” several Pinterest crafts in the spirit of the season.  We painted pumpkins, ate lots of candy, and even made costumes.  The bounty of candy was of course the highlight of the season, thanks to Ashley’s pastor Brother Monroe Mercer, James’ dad, and my mom!  The sweets were and still are abundant, and the toothpaste ever flowing.  Now that October is over, we are looking forward to Thanksgiving and reflecting on all the blessings we have. 
            The kids got the chance to go to a birthday party this month. This month was Kleopus’ daughter Patra’s birthday.  Patra and the girls play together at church, so she invited us to come.  They had a huge pot of Pilau (Swahili rice dish) cooked for everyone. So we ate first.  Then Kleopus asked me to “MC” the party since he didn’t know how to do parties. (His wife passed away) However, I was not schooled in how they do birthday parties African-style.  One of the other parents helped me.  When the cake is cut, it is cut into half inch pieces to feed the many children.  No one gets left out, meaning the whole village is invited.  So Patra and I cut the cake together and then the tradition is for the honoree to feed the cake to her family and then her closest friends.  They even have a little chorus they sing while she is feeding her friends.  No one brings presents, but it’s simply a day to celebrate.  The celebration is for more than the birthday; it’s for friends and family.  I really enjoyed this cultural lesson. 
            Thanks so much for reading and praying.

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