Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Lime Burn!

November 21-26

     This week has been filled with getting things in order for the Howells and the Straders. We have had several meetings just talking about the present and the future. Everyone is running to town picking up things and getting phones on and PO Boxes. Everything is coming together and will hopefully be settled for December. We have a busy month planned for December that will get all of us out in the field and with the churches. It will be a great time to encourage the churches and preach the gospel.
    We went by the immigrations office to work on John's Work permit, check on Lindsy's dependent pass, pick up Clayton's Alien Registration, and get visa extensions for Ashley and Lindsey. We managed to get the extensions and Clayton's Alien Registration but no go on Lindsy's Dependents pass because Clayton's file has been misplaced, but not lost. It is funny that it can not be found but it is not lost only misplaced. We had a good cultural lesson in the immigrations office just talking through the misplaced but not lost and what are we going to do now. Pray that the Lord will give us another contact in immigrations that can help us. The officer I was dealing with got a promotion and is now in Lamu. We are planning to go to Mombasa next Friday to see the head officer in Mombasa that I worked with in the past. We need to get John's permit started so then once that is finished we can get Amber and Ellanora's dependent passes. We also need to get Lindsey's dependent pass completed so she will be set up as a resident. It really was a good trip to the immigrations office even though we did not get everything done.
     We had a good time at First Landmark BC, Malindi on Sunday. It was great to hear John and Clayton preach and teach. Everyone is excited to have the Straders and the Howells with us now.  Samuel and Sarah were so cute at church they sang a special in Swahili with Gertrude.
     When we all go out together we are 13 strong so our van is just big enough to carry everyone.Thankfully the Land Rover is doing well now and we got it sorted out. Clayton and I worked on the Motor Bike and got it fixed also so we can use it to do the small running to town. We are all sharing the vehicles because there is not a need right now to purchase new ones and it is giving John and Clayton time to raise more funds towards vehicles. The Straders will be going off for four months of language school so they will not need a vehicle while they are there and for now our vehicles are enough for our family, the Straders, Clayton, Lindsey, and Ashley.
     We had a crazy situation this week with Abigail and Samuel. They got second degree burns all over their hands from LIME juice. They have a condition known as phytophotodermatitis. It is where the chemicals in plants react with the sun. Samuel got the worst of the two but they both have blisters on their hands and are in excruciating pain.  Thankfully the pain is starting to subside and now we just have to deal with the skin healing up and protect it from infection. It has been a difficult week for Abigail and Samuel. All the kids were involved with a lime-aid stand out in the yard but Abigail and Samuel were the squeezers so they got the short end of the business. Please continue to pray for Abigail and Samuel as they continue to recover.

 Samuel's Hands
 Abigail's Hands 


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