Thursday, 20 November 2014

Another Kill

November 5-11

     It was a good week this past week with much accomplished. There was the normal administrative work that had be done with the monthly report, finances, and updates. Kenya, Ashley, and I spent some time this with week on Home School research and scheduling. Josiah will be starting High school after this semester so things are going to be changing and we need to think about accreditation and college...WOW... Josiah will only be with us one more term after this one.  We also did some vision casting for the future with Ashley. We are grateful Ashley is with us for this school year, but she is not sure what will follow. Pray for her as she seeks the Lord's will.
     I also did a little work to the Land Rover this week. The driver side door would not stay shot so I had to do some work on it before I went to Singuaya for Bible Institute classes. While I was at it I took out all the back seats and basically gutted the entire back. It needs to be welded in several places where the body is literally rattling off the frame. I plan to do some welding and reinforcing to try and make the vehicle hold up to the driving we do. There are several leaks also in the back and front that  need to be fixed so I will try to get those sealed
     I looked into the cost of getting the suspension beefed up to handle the roads we are driving on. We have a new engine and several other new parts but I fear that with the suspension being as bad as it is it is only a matter of time before it knocks everything out of whack. I plan on taking the plunge and have new shocks, springs, bushings, steering damper, and tires put on next week. It should be right at about $2500. All of the parts are a special 4x4 brand that are made for roads that we travel. I hate to dump more money in the vehicle, but I fear if we do not we will end up redoing a lot of what we have already done.
     I have been in touch with the men with all that is going on their lives. Alfonse's dad is still gaining strength but has not had surgery yet. Daniel's wife is improving little by little. Juma's grandfather is not doing so well. With the passing of Juma's uncle and great uncle in one week their family has been under a lot of stress. On top of the deaths Juma got bad sick when he went home for the funerals.
     The Bible study on Thursdays in Malindi continues to go well. This week I deviated a little since attendance was down. Nicholas went to the funeral of Benson's baby so he was not able to attend and several others had things come up so I just taught another lesson rather then leaving everyone behind. I actually preached the Thursday night Bible study lesson on Sunday at the church's regular worship service. I had not preached in Malindi for a few months. I have been with them, but I have translated for visitors so it was great to preach for them on Sunday. I was absolutely soaked with sweat by the time I finished preaching. There was even a puddle at the base of the pulpit from where I dripped sweat. It was HOT and HUMID.
     We had Bible Institute classes on Saturday in Singuaya. There were seven students and we continued in our study of the Pauline Cycle. I am really enjoying teaching and putting the material together for the Pauline cycle. When I finish it will be a great course in Swahili. It takes me a lot of time to study and prepare the materials in Swahili, but I know the efforts are not in vain nor are they for one time use. Once I finish all the material and go through it with the current classes I hope to video the teachings for future use also.
     I also invested some time in looking at our current supporters list and plotted them on a map as we are looking at our furlough in less than a year. We will complete another three year term in July and already we are looking at furlough dates and considering when we should go. There is a lot to consider now with our kids' schooling needs changing and the team growing here on the ground. Please pray for wisdom as we set the dates soon for furlough and begin to plan accordingly.
     Kenya and the kids have been working hard on the guest house in the back to get it ready for John, Amber,and Ellanora Stader. They are repainting the walls and putting up curtains. The painting has been the big task but they have been steady at it. Lynn and Brenda will also be staying in the house in April and May while the Straders are at language school. The house will be getting quite a bit of use soon.
    Oh and our dogs Chestnut and Jack made another kill in the yard....

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