Wednesday, 25 June 2014

516 Missions Bokole and Miritini

June 13-16

    We had an orientation time and language class with Gertrude on Friday evening then it was off the the village Saturday morning at 5 am. We went to Bokole to work and stay the night. We basically rebuilt the church building and put on a new metal roof. The ladies helped tie up the sides of the building and visited with everyone. We showed a cinema in the evening as well. It was a good time with the folks in Bokole and when we left the building was looking pretty good.

    Kenya and a few ladies went to Mombasa during the afternoon to visit with Esther (Richard’s mama) at the hospital. She called Kenya and she sounded terrible. Last time we saw her she was not well and had gotten worse. She has TB and it is pretty bad. Pray for her it is not looking good. She looks about as bad as Richard before he died.

    We camped out in Bokole and left in the morning to go to church at Miritini with the Mnara wa Kweli LBC. At the Miritini Chruch I taught SS for the adults and our visitors taught children’s SS. Clayton preached the morning message and I translated. After church we stayed and had lunch with the church. It was  good time of fellowship before we headed back towards Malindi.

    Monday we worked around the mission compound on preparations for the second 516 team that will be very large. We set up tents and made sure they were all functional and I made calls to prepare for the rest of the week’s events. Clayton and I dropped off everyone for some beach time while we ran to town to buy some supplies for the projects we were doing in the churches.

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