Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Celebrations and Preparations

June 7-June 12

I cannot believe that three has passed by but it has and there was so much that happened. I will try to hit the highlights and put in a lot of pictures. The first of the 516 Missions teams has come and gone leaving behind one intern and two new missionaries. We are so excited to have Mary Mickler with us this summer as our intern and Clayton and Lindsey Howell are now on the ground in Africa.
    I had a whirl wind trip to Nairobi the beginning of the month to pick up Lydia’s new passport. I flew to Nairobi took a taxi to get the passport and flew back to Malindi all in one long day. Crazy but it was better using one day rather then driving and staying in Nairobi and using three days to accomplish the task.
    The Land Rover is now in another shop here in Malindi and still is not fixed. I do not want to write much about it because it causes my blood pressure to go up. Kleopus' buddy was not able to fix the Land Rover and really just goofed it up more. I know Kleopus felt bad but I told him that all he could do was walk away from the job and let me take it somewhere else. It has been some where else now for almost two weeks and still is not done I am at a loss as to what to say or do with the Land Rover please pray for the Land Rover and for us to find a good mechanic that can get the job done and done right. We had to do the entire 516 team trip without the Land Rover and it all was fine but…Blah!
    We celebrated Josiah’s 13th birthday on June 8 and my 38th birthday on June 7th. It is hard to believe Josiah is officially a teenager!

 We also took Sadie out for a special dinner before the team arrived to celebrate her time with us. The kids all gave her letters and Kenya made her a scrapbook with all her pictures from the trip. It was a nice dinner and good time with Sadie.

    There was a lot of time and effort invested by Kenya, Sadie, and I on preparing for the first 516 teams arrival. There was cleaning, planning, and repairing in anticipation of their arrival. I also had a meeting to settle our location for the second 516 team in Singuaya at the Garashi secondary school. We have been formally welcomed by the school.

    The rest of the time really was spent with the first 516 Team working and visiting with all seven of the churches. This was a launch for me back into the field and we had a great time and stayed super busy. The team arrived on Friday morning June 20 after getting stuck in Nairobi for the night. Josiah and I had gone to Mombasa on Thursday to pick the team up but ended up in a hotel room until Friday morning. Once we picked up the group there was no looking back we jumped right into work.

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