Thursday, 3 April 2014

Texarkana Baptist Children's Home Team

March 26-April 3
The Texarkana team had a great time in the Game Park on Tuesday and I was able to get some work done in the office to stay on top of everything. Wednesday March 26 I loaded up with the Texarkana group and we went to Jimba to help prepare things for their building. They are planning to mud the walls this rain season. We were able to carry rocks from one location to the church with the Land Rover and trailer that will be put in the walls. A few of us stayed and dug what will be a toilet later and put the dirt in the church that will be the mud. A couple others carried water to the church from a well and put it in a 50 gallon barrel so there would be water to use for the walls in the church.
    We worked in Jimba until around 2 then went to Timboni to have lunch at a local place. Lunch was great and all the work we did was awesome but the heat was not. We were all zapped after working in the crazy heat all day so we tried to recover in the evening.
    On Thursday I took the group out to Marafa’s Hell’s Kitchen for a little one hour hike. We ate lunch in Marafa and took a drive out in the bush. I wanted to show the group the area we work in out in Singuaya as well as let them see how people live in the village. It was a great day.

    We got back and worked on getting things ready for our two days in Miritini and Bokole. I had to get my notes together as well as make sure we had a vehicle rented since the van was still in the shop. When we checked on the van there was a little hope that it could possibly be repaired. I had to get my notes together for the Bible Institute Classes and we had to get all the mattresses, water, and everything loaded for our over night stay.
    Went to Bible study in Malindi and Samuel Cross from the Texarkana Baptist Children’s home did an awesome devotion while I translated. After some Shukarani supper we finished up our prep work.
    Thursday we were on the road by 6am with the Land Rover loaded down and the rented safari van loaded with people. It was a  long drive in to Miritini but we made it and got set up for classes. The preachers met with me in one area and the ladies in another area. Heather Thompson and Christy Lee taught the ladies while Kenya translated. Samuel got the men started with a devotion then we jumped right into our lessons on the Holy Spirit. We had lunch and continued with classes into the evening.
    Our team loaded up and went to dinner in Mombasa to escape the heat for a little while before we went out to sleep in the class room we had used for teachings. The church meets in a  orphanage and the orphanage allowed us to stay in the open room for the night. It was  a sweaty night but we managed.

    On Friday Texarkana team with Kenya, Sadie and the kids loaded up and headed to Bokole to teach the children and Ladies while I continued with the preachers. Heather and Christy taught their lessons to the ladies, Camilla and Kari taught the kids, and Samuel brought two devotions to start the sessions. Everyone did a great job from what Kenya told me. The preachers and I had a great time in Miritini finishing up our lessons and having lunch together. We ended up teaching all the way up until after two then breaking for lunch.
    Kenya and everyone finished at Bokole around 3:30 then came by to pick me up by the main road. We said our goodbyes and headed to Mombasa for supper. We had an amazing Java House dinner with plenty of coffee for the plane ride home. Everyone loved Java House and it was a great treat after the hot day. While in Miritini I got an email from John Strader about coming over this month for a final survey trip. He and his family will be with us April 15-28. Pray for this trip that the Straders will be able to finalize their plans and see all they need to for their prepartions.
    Sunday we attended services in Malindi. We had to have two Tuk Tuks come to the house to get everyone that would not fit into the Land Rover but we all managed to make it for church. Camilla and Kari taught Sunday School for the kids. We had an awesome worship service and I preached in English and Swahili so everyone would be able to here.
    We had Shukarani for lunch and Kenya took a crew shopping while the kids and I ran on home. We had a Good Bad and Ugly service in the evening  for the sake of the group. Ryan always does this type of service for the 516 Missions Teams and it is always good. Everyone gives a good about the trip a Bad and an Ugly. It was a lot of fun. It was great to hear how the trip had impacted everyone.
    Monday morning there was a small shopping excursion for a few of the Texarkana folks then we went to the Osteria for one last cream puff and coffee before the airport. Heather and Christy brought over a great group of young people and they did an awesome job. We appreciate the Texarkana Baptist Children’s Home for allowing their kids to serve with us for a week. We hope this will become a regular occurrence.
    Monday after the team left we just crashed for the rest of the day and even Tuesday. Tuesday we had a “snow day” for Sadie and the kids. We all vegetated all day. We got news on Tuesday that Kenya’s Grandpa was not well and that he was not expected to last through the week. Please pray for Kenya’s mama she has been taking care of him for the past few years and his death is going to be hard on her.
    Wednesday April 2 we found out that it we were going to need to put another transmission in our van $$$ Booyah 1800 bucks just like that. We are planning to buy another van to replace our current van but this one has to last us a little longer and we can’t sell it if it is not fixed… so we are having to swallow hard and fork out the dough. Pray for us to find another van quickly.
    I was also able to meet with the immigrations agent about Clayton’s work permit. He said it was approved all we have left is to pay and then endorse his passport. Lord willing by next week we will have Clayton all sorted out on his work permit and he will come in ready to go in June.
    I worked on finances and reports also on Wednesday and also today. We have been working on a trip to Masai country and Nairobi for next week. Unfortunately everything is in the air since the van is still not fixed. Lord willing it will be fixed by tomorrow evening and we will be on the road again with both vehicles. This evening I will finalize the Masai trip with Karate at Bible study.

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