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February 2014 Monthly Report

February 2014

         We continue to do well at First LBC Malindi. We baptized two this month and the church is continuing to take more and more responsibility for the ministry. We started a Saturday afternoon fellowship and the church chose Peter Wande to lead it. Nicholas continues to teach SS and it is translated into Swahili or English depending on which he uses. I am praying diligently about the pastorate in Malindi. I pray the Lord will make clear His will. There is so much to do among the other churches but pastoring Malindi limits what I can do.

            The Singuaya church has put up the shell of a building and has requested help putting on a roof. I have been working on a budget for it and will be talking with the church more about it next month. They have done everything so far themselves, and I am excited to join hands with them to help them get into a building before the rains come. I think we will be looking at nearly a thousand dollars for the roof but the church has already put in nearly five hundred into the building and land. I love to see the faith of the people growing as they allow God to work through them.

            My dad came in this month to visit with us for three weeks. This was his first time to leave the country; and he went big, coming all the way to Africa! We have been enjoying time with him and showing him the work that we do. This is the first time that someone from our family has visited us since Kenya’s mama came 11 years ago when Abigail was born. Dad will be with us until March 20; please pray that he will have a great trip.

Dub, Joni, Chloe, Adalynn West
ABA Media Project  
     Dub (Jonathan) West is continuing to film and work on getting Bible Institute classes on digital media. He has filmed several classes already as well as working on video projects for Eddie Williams, Ernie Hopper, and Macedonian Medical teams. Pray for the continuation of this project. We will be doing classes every week until Dub and his family’s departure in April.

Newest East Kenya Missions
Team Member
         We are very excited to announce that Ashley Johnston has been officially endorsed by her church Greenacres MBC, Bossier City, LA as a short term missionary to work with us here in Kenya. She will be primarily teaching our children home school but she will also be involved in the ministry work as well. Ashley is planning to join us on the field the second week of July and staying with us for the entire school year. Please pray for this one-year commitment that God will use her greatly and show her what He wants for her in the future. Also pray for Ashley, her family, and her church as they step out in faith.
         We would highly recommend and would ask churches to consider supporting Ashley as she joins our ministry team. If you would like to help Ashley with her travel expenses, living expenses, and ministry expenses. Funds can be sent to: Greenacres MBC, 4802 Benton Rd, Bossier City, LA 71111.
Pastor Monroe Mercer 
Ashley Johnston 
You may also contact the church or Ashley if you have any questions or would like more information.


James Taylor PO Box 811 Malindi, Kenya 80200
Phone 011-254-713289014
 Taylor Tribe

Wow, time sure does fly when you are having fun.  This month has gone quicker than I expected.  I thought with Sadie here teaching the kids, I might find myself bored with nothing to do.  As if....Somehow I have still managed to fill my days running errands, actually planning my meals instead of throwing them together, studying and all sorts of things.  I am truly grateful that Sadie is here, because it has given me time to really dig into God's word. Right now I am preparing for 3 classes that I will be teaching in the near future.  I am very excited about these opportunities.  We also started up the English Bible Study again with some ladies here in Malindi.

     The Lord has really blessed me in not having to homeschool.   I don't feel near as stressed and can enjoy my time as just mama.  We are entering a new phase of life I believe with the children and just life in general.  The kids are growing up so fast.  Josiah will be a teenager in June and Samuel, our youngest, is now 6.  No more toddlers or preschoolers, just adolescents and teenagers.  Wow and Yikes!  I must admit I am really enjoying it.  The kids are showing such growth in maturity, both physically and spiritually.  I love our conversations around the dinner table.  We have real life conversations about God's word and how it applies to our life.  And even getting to share our struggles together has been so sweet.  I am reminded of Proverbs  29:17 “Correct thy son, and he shall give thee rest; yea, he shall give delight unto thy soul.” I pray that God will continue to give us wisdom as we enjoy each new phase with our family.  

     Everyone has enjoyed having James’ dad here.  I think he is enjoying his time as well, just walking to the beach and even took a trip to the game park.  He’s a pretty good handy man, so he’s also been keeping busy working on small projects around the house.  So far he tore out two cabinets and built a shelf, fixed several door locks, fixed a toilet, installed a fan, a light fixture, and two instant heat showerheads.  We teased him that he could get a job as a fundi here.  

     Sadie is doing a great job with the kids.  They are doing much better in school.  She works diligently to plan their lessons and stay organized.  And she is just a joy to be around.  She and I have good laughs together everyday.  We all love her.  Thank you to all who helped with this ministry.  

      We are looking forward to Ashley Johnston coming as well.  She will be able to get our homeschool done all the way to furlough.  Please pray and consider supporting her. 

Thanks for reading and praying.

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