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Dad in the air and Texarkana Baptist Children's Home Team on the Ground

March 18-25

March 18-25

Everyone loaded up on Tuesday evening to go down to the ocean to see a Moon rise, however it was a little later than we thought. I ended up taking everyone back home after about an hour and a half of waiting. Dad, Julius Ayugu, and I went back down to wait it out. The clouds got in the way a little but we ended up seeing a beautiful site!

    On Wednesday morning Dad and Julius got up early and went down to the ocean for a walk together. They walked all the way to the river and back before breakfast. I was so glad that they went together because Julius is one of the godliest men I know and he loves to talk so I knew it would be great for my dad. Julius said he had a great time with my dad and that they talk a little about everything and had a good time. One thing has been for certain with dad’s visit, everyone has shown him love and tried to encourage him.
    Julius and I were in class all day on Wednesday and I spent the evening with Dad and getting things ready for Julius to run classes on Thursday with Kenya and I taking dad to the airport in Mombasa.

    Thursday the kids said good-bye to “Nub Nub” or papaw Taylor. The gave him a big squeeze and we snapped a quick family photo then got on the road to Mombasa. Kenya and I took dad to Haller Park in Mombasa for one last chance to visit and experience some of Kenya’s wildlife. We had a great time talking and walking through Haller Park. After Haller Park we had lunch and it was time to take Dad to the airport. We said our good-byes and just like that he was gone.

    We really had a good time with dad here even though it was crazy busy. I am so grateful for the advice my pastor gave me when Dad came over, he said , “make some memories”. I think we did that he and I and with the whole family. I pray that God will use our time with Dad to impact him as he returns to the states to figure out what is next in his life. He has no home, no job, no money and really no plan. Crazy! For now he is staying with my aunt and will figure it out from there. Please pray for him to find stability in life and we know for certain that will only come from the Lord. We love dad and want the best for him.
    It was a full day in Mombasa. When we got back Bible Institute classes were over and Bible study had just finished as well so we picked up Julius. At the house Julius and I had a chance to visit for a little while and just talk about what the Lord was doing in our lives. We had a great visit before calling it a night.
    Friday was a half day of Bible Institute classes. Julius was able to finish his lessons early and we had about two and a half hours before lunch. I ended up teaching for that whole time. We had some visiting Masai brothers that had some really good questions that needed some explaining. Julius did not know why I was spending so much time until after the teaching was all over and it came together. It was great to teach along side Julius.
    While we were in class Kenya ran to the Airport and picked up Heather Thompson and her team from Texarkana Baptist Children’s Home. Heather and Kristi from the group came in and had lunch with us. After lunch we loaded up and headed for the house where we met the rest of Heather’s team. Julius and I visited a little then we loaded up with the Texarkana crew and took Julius to the bus stage. Julius was spending the weekend in Miritini to teach classes on Saturday and preach on Sunday at Mnara wa Kweli LBC. Elly and Julius know each other very well so it was  a good chance to share the teachings with Miritini.
    After we dropped Julius at the Matatu stage I took the Texarkana team to the Crocodile Farm. They had a good time seeing the animals and even got to see some Baby Crocs hatch. I think it was a great introduction into the country.
    Saturday the Texarkana team had culture and language orientation with Getrude in the morning while I got some office work done. In the afternoon we all went to the church for cleaning and for Bible Study. Sam from the Texarkana team brought a great devotion to get our Bible study started. It was his first time to ever do anything like that and he did so well. After the devotion I went into our regular lesson. We really had a good study. It was beneficial for everyone since it was in English and Swahili. We had some Shukarani for supper.
    Saturday evening we got to know each other a little and I spoke to Heather a bit about the schedule.
    Sunday we all loaded up and went to Jimba for services. Kamila and Kari taught sunday school for the kids and I taught for the adults. In the worship service Samuel gave the opening devotion and and I preached. Once again I preached in English and Swahili so everyone could hear. Services went well and it was good for the group to experience services at another church because they will be in Malindi next Sunday.  We ate some Shukarani for lunch. It was a little late when we got to the house but we had a little time to relax. Oh and our van lost the use of Reverse on Sunday so it had to be pushed out from Shukarani. Not the best timing for vehicle trouble but anyhow…
    Before our regular English evening service I fired up the grill to get it ready to cook out after services. We sang and I preached in English for our evening service. Heather had shared her  vision for what the kids would gain by taking this pilot trip from the children’s home so I knew the message God wanted me to share. I believe the message went well and it opened up some time to talk even after the services while we were grilling and eating. Heather brought Kristi,  one of the fill in house parents, Camilla, Kari, and Samuel three High school seniors from the Children’s Home. They all have a lot ahead of the them and we are praying this trip will have an impact on them spiritually as they look to their futures.
    Monday Kenya took the group to town to do some shopping and to see Malindi. They also dropped the van off at the shop to work on the reverse issue. The group maneuvered around Malindi in Tuk Tuks which is an experience of its own as well as haggling for a good price at the tourist market. We all met back up for lunch then the group had a time of learning to cook some local foods with Mama Cedric. Before supper we ran down to the beach also so everyone could dip their feet in the Indian Ocean and get  a picture by the awesome Land Rover we drive. : )

    Today the Texarkana team headed out at four in the morning to go on safari for the day. Kenya was up with them and had little breakfast bags for them and snacks. Kleopus is taking them to the park in a safari van with the open roof. I am sure they will have a great time. I am working on office work and plan to run to Gede after lunch to set up a visit to the Special needs school with the group tomorrow and to see Juma. Please pray for Juma’s grandfather Arabu, he was in an accident on the highway and is in the hospital.  I hope to find out more when I see Juma later.

By the way Kenya’s dad is doing ok. He still is having the internal bleeding and will be going for more test this week to determine where the blood is coming from but he is out of the hospital. He is not at one hundred percent and the doctors are still treating and trying to find the source of his problems so please pray for him and for Kenya’s Mama. Also pray for her parents financially they do not have insurance and have not been able to get the Obama care or whatever that all is so this is all going to hit them hard. Also pray for Kenya it is hard to not be there with her parents and to not be able to help more.

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