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August Monthly Report 2014

“Our vision is to be a ministry of eternal significance that impacts the cause of Christ through the advancement and multiplication of His churches.”
August 2014

Teaching and Training
         It was a great month of teaching and training. We had multiple opportunities this month to be in the churches and to have Bible Institute classes. It has been good to be among the individual churches on Sundays, to encourage them, and address specific questions.  We also have had the opportunity to spend time with several of the pastors one on one to talk about how they are doing and talk about future plans.
         Mike Vickers and his family are continuing with us doing their internship clarifying what God has called them to do. We have enjoyed spending much time with them sharing experiences and trying to invest in them as God continues to work in their lives. Mike has been a big help with various projects and teaching opportunities. Pray for them as we continue to coach them during their internship.
Ladies Classes
       Kenya has been able to do several ladies classes this month as a result of having missionary helper Ashley Johnston here teaching the children. I know that the ladies have benefited greatly from Kenya sharing with them.  They have been so encouraged. This is an area of ministry that the churches need as they continue to mature. Sunday School is another area where we need to invest our efforts.
       Kenya, Ashley, and Christy taught one day out in Singwaya and it was a huge blessing. Having a team of ladies to train the ladies in matters of the home and Sunday School would be such a blessing. Ashley is preparing herself to do more ministries on the weekends with the churches by working with Gertrude doing Swahili classes. Pray for her and Kenya both as they invest themselves in the ladies and children in the churches.

Land Rover Replacement…
          It was an expensive month with Land Rover repairs. We had to cancel a trip to the Masai as a result of yet another major breakdown with the Land Rover. The Lord was gracious to spare us a breakdown in the bush; and we were able to get the Land Rover in to our regular shop for a complete engine overhaul, with new pistons, rings, rocker arms, valves, everything…we even had a new clutch and pressure plate put in. Over the past few months we have also replaced the steering box, fuel pump, bushings, and had it painted. Pretty much it is a refurbished vehicle at this point. All that being said, we need to start raising funds to purchase a newer Land Rover especially as our ministry needs continue to grow. We estimate a newer Land Rover will cost close to $40,000. Please pray about this as we start setting aside funds. 

Survey Trip Scheduled
                  We are excited to share that the Fishers family from Life Point BC in Washington, PA, are planning a survey trip here to the coast the end of December. We have been corresponding with the Fishers Family about the ministry here along with the needs of the churches; and they feel that God may be leading them to partner with us. The Fishers, Ryan Copico (our associate pastor), and I were able to have a “face to face” meeting this month via Zoom Cloud Meeting. The focus of the meeting was setting up a time for a survey trip and answering a few questions. Pray for the Fishers as they seek the Lord’s will; and if you would like to help with their survey trip, you can send funds to their church: Life Point Baptist Church, P O Box 1137, Washington, PA 15301.
Eyes on Christ
  The Eyes on Christ ministry is planning to be with us the end of December through the first week of January. We are excited about the opportunity to serve once again with Sister Julie Schoeff and minister to physical and spiritual needs in several of the villages where we work. Please pray for this trip and for the details of the trip. If you would like to help with this trip, funds should be sent directly to the Eyes on Christ Ministry at 1924 W. Cross, Anderson, IN. For more information on the trip, please contact Sister Julie Shoeff at 812-603-6233.

James Taylor PO Box 811 Malindi, Kenya 80200
Phone 011-254-713289014 missionarytaylor@gmail.com
Taylor Tribe


We started the month off with a Back to School Bash.  The kids were excited for school after seeing all the work Ashley did in the school room.  She reorganized the shelves, painted, and even rearranged the desks.  We spent the day with the Vickers, playing games, swimming, and cooking out.  We had a great summer and are ready to get back into some routine.  Already the kids are progressing well.  I am thankful for Ashley; she is putting a love for learning back into our kids.  Thank you to all those who have made it possible for her to teach them. 
            Lydia and Sarah both had birthdays this month.  Lydia turned 10 years old.  It’s hard to believe that we have 3 kids in the double digits.  We celebrated her birthday with a smiley face cake and she invited a couple of friends over.  Lydia is such a sweet, helpful, and quiet spirited girl.  We thank God for her gentle spirit.  Sarah is our happy, chatty gal.  No doubt she inherited the gift of gab from her mama.  We thank God for the joy she brings to our family. She turned 8.  She had a Fancy Nancy party, which is totally her personality.  She still says she wants to be a princess when she grows up.   Oh, yes, I turned, ahem, 35 this month.  The kids were so sweet. Ashley helped them make me a cake. 
            Juma’s little girl got badly burned while she was at Juma’s mama’s house.  The doctor’s were striking at the time, so I went to Bokole to get her and bring her back to Malindi to a good doctor.  When I got there, they had done nothing to the wound.  It was her whole upper leg and a small spot on her stomach.  I felt so bad for her.  When we got to the doctor, he was frustrated that they hadn’t done anything to it in the two days since the burn.  Juma, Mercy, and grandma all had to leave the room because they couldn’t bear watching and hearing sweet little Neema cry.  So I helped the doctor hold her down while he scrubbed her leg.  I asked him to give her something for the pain, but he said no.  So I just held her down doing my best to console her till it was over.  It looked so much better, though.  If she had stayed in the village, she would have gotten a terrible infection for sure; and being as small as she is (2 years old) she could have even died.  They have had it cleaned every day since and she is now getting better.  She only has to go every 3 days now.  I thank the Lord that her burn wasn’t worse. 
            James scheduled ladies classes in Singwaya for me this month.  I truly love getting to fellowship with those ladies.  They are so joyful and kind.  I love how they are truly desirous to know God’s word.  They are never shy to help me relate things culturally as well as ask questions.  That has been a struggle at the other churches.  I am thankful that these ladies out of a love for God and the Bible want to do whatever they can to learn.  And every time we go there, I am humbled at their kindness to send gifts of corn and vegetables with me as I leave.   
            Thanks for reading and praying!

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