Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Classes Burn Hiccup Birthdays

August 20-27

     We had an awesome four days of study with the folks in Singwaya. The guys watched classes from Kenyan missionary to Sudan John Wanyonyi on missions and we had a lot of discussion on missions. Brother Mike brought some lessons in the mornings on the sin cycle in the book of Judges. We also had several discussions on various topics. It was awesome how the Lord opened the door for us to speak to the guys on some things I have been wanting to bring up but had not gotten the opportunity. For example the men asked why John did not say praise the Lord and Hallelujah during his teachings and it opened up some intense and great conversation about worship and prayer time.

    On Wednesday while Mike and I were in Singwaya and everyone else was in school, Kenya ran down to Bokole to pick up Juma's daughter Neema to take her to the hospital to have her burns looked at. Juma had sent us pictures and I had talked with him about the burns.  He was super concerned and worried about her not being able to get the care she needed in the village. Kenya spent the day and evening getting Neema back to Gede and having her seen by two different clinics before she got the treatment she needed. Kenya had to help hold Neema down and talk to her while the doctor scraped all the dead burnt flesh off of her leg. Thank the Lord it did not have any infection, yet and the doctor said it looked good. He gave Juma and Mercy medicine to put on the wound and told them to return the next day for another cleaning.
     Kenya picked them up again on Thursday and took Neema to have the doctor clean the wound while we were in Singwaya. Juma and Mercy were very very thankful for the help and the wound was already looking better after a day of being cleaned properly and having medication to apply.
    Kenya came out to Singwaya on Friday with brother Mike and I and taught the ladies. She continued with lessons she started a few months back, there was a great turn out. On Saturday we return with Kenya, Ashley, Christy, and the Vickers children for a half day of teachings. Kenya, Ashley, and Christy all three taught the ladies while Mike and I continued with the men. Again it was a very profitable four days.

     The trips out to Singwaya were a big test on the Land Rover also. We just got it back the week prior but had not really abused it yet to test the new engine. We had a smooth trip out on the first day to Singwaya. We were driving a little slow because Mike and I were talking quite a bit as we traveled. Mike mentioned to me that he noticed some oil at the house on the ground and at the church but when we looked it did not seem like too much and the Land Rover seemed to be running good so we wrote it off. When classes were over on Wednesday and we started home there was an obvious issue with the Land Rover.... it had no power. I was pushing the peddle to the floor and there was no torque. It was not over heating so that was good and it sounded fine but again it just would not go. We finally decided to stop and check the oil and see if there was an obvious issue. When we opened the hood there was an obvious issue with the oil. It was everywhere! There was a hose going into the oil pump that had come completely off so oil had gushed out at some point. We were able to tighten the hose back on and get the vehicle back to Garashi where we bought 7 litters of oil to put in the engine. It did not explain the loss of power but we knew no matter what it needed oil since it was not even showing up on the dip stick. We put 6 litters of oil in and made sure there were no more leaks then got back on the road.
    We still did not have any power so I finally pulled over and called Fritz from the garage where we had the engine overhauled.  I asked him what he recommended because I did not want to damage the new engine. He was perplexed. I told him it seemed like a fuel issue because the engine sounded great but it just was not reving up. Then I remembered a time when we had trouble with our throttle cable and asked if that could be it, his response was that they put a new one on. Brother Mike looked at the cable still while we were on the phone and that was it. We tightened up the throttle cable and we were back up to speed and on our way to Malindi. We were praising the Lord for the throttle cable because had we not lacked the power we would not have stopped and found the oil issue until the vehicle overheated or worse. Even though in the moment it did not seem like a blessing we knew God had looked out for us. So maybe it was what my friend Bill White would call a God wink.
     After the hiccup on Wednesday the Land Rover ran great the rest of the week so it seems that the engine overhaul was a success.
    On Sunday after the four days of teaching in Singwaya Brother Mike and I prepared and planned to be with Jimba on Sunday for a full day of teachings. Daniel had invited us to come to the services to teach on some special topics that he gave us and we thought that is what we would be doing. When we arrived the plan was a little different as it is many times. The church had not planned a meal nor to stay for the full day of teachings rather Daniel wanted to start the teachings and plan a special day for later. I preached on prayer and we had a small meeting with the church before calling it a day and heading back to Malindi.

     It worked out anyhow because we were able to get back to the house for Lydia's birthday party. She turned 10 on Saturday but she wanted to have friends over after church for her party so we pushed it until Sunday. It was a good time celebrating and playing. I was glad that the Lord worked it out so I could be back for the party.
     We spent Monday through Wednesday preparing for our departure for IMR (the International Missionary Retreat) that was to be held in Israel this year. I also spent some time talking to Mike and Christy about what they would be doing while we were gone as well as asking them to do some writing and reading. Clayton and Lindsy also arrived on Monday to go to IMR with our family and Ashley.  We all celebrated Sarah's eighth birthday on Wednesday.  Sarah had a great birthday party followed by pedicures and a make up session from all the girls.

      Lindsey helped Kenya with Sarah's cake because Kenya had to make a wedding cake for one of the young ladies that used to be a member in Malindi named Beatrice. We baptized Beatrice and her sister Margaret several years ago, we have watched them continue to mature and serve the Lord, so it was a great honor to have a part in her wedding. We were only sorry that we missed getting to attend since it was taking place while we were going to be gone. However we left the cake so it could be taken to the wedding by Mama Cedrik.


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