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March 8-18
    Saturday March 8 was Samuel's sixth Birthday so it was a special day. Dad and the kids and I went to the beach in the morning to play a little and just visit with one another. We took the croquet set we have down to the ocean and had a good time playing in the sand then in the water. We went and had a special lunch at the Osteria.
    In the afternoon we went to the church for cleaning and I taught Bible study and answered a question. It was a great time. I taught in English and Swahili so everyone could hear. We had supper and a Birthday party in the evening for Samuel.

    Sunday March 9 we had a good service it was super hot! I taught the past two weeks on giving and I think it was received well. I had three people tell me after church that they were thieves because they were robbing God by not giving and they wanted to change. We had several visitors. In the evening we had our normal worship time at our house and the message was so good.    
    Monday was my day off and we had a good time visiting with my dad and playing games. Dub came in from Turkana late in the evening.
    Tuesday I was able to get our monthly report done and sent out for proofing as well as answer emails. Moses Wanjala is on his way in from Nairobi for classes on Thursday and Friday. I have a Skype meeting with Flatwoods MBC missions committee Thursday at 4:00am our time or 8:00pm Central time Wednesday evening. This meeting is to talk about Brother Mike Vickers and his family doing an internship with us this fall. We have been talking about this for a long time but I have not been able to meet with the committee yet to answer questions and share thoughts. Pray for this meeting and for the Vickers that God will make His will clear.
    It was a good office day. In the evening Moses Wanjala arrived from Nairobi. He came in to teach classes on the Tabernacle. Once he had supper we got him settled into his room for the night.
     Wednesday I spent the majority of the day working with Moses  preparing notes and talking about the classes for the week. We also discussed translation work that Getrude had done for us a couple years ago. Brother Bobby Sparks gave us permission to translate his books and lessons on the Tabernacle and Getrude did it but it has not been proof read or gone through to ensure flow. I gave Moses the files and he will be working on that once he returns to Nairobi. We also talked about translating the material that is on DVD that Brother Sparks has and decided that over the weekend and Monday Moses would focus on those studies. I also gave Moses a boat load of lessons and things to look over. It was a great time of fellowship and planning for the week.
    Thursday I was up at 3:30am to meet with the Flatwoods MBC Missions committee about Brother Mike Vickers and the possibility of doing an internship with us. It was a great meeting and I think we were able to accomplish what we hoped to. Pray for the Vickers and Flatwoods that the Lord will give wisdom and make clear his will. We are looking forward to working with the church and the Vickers as they continue through this process. The meeting lasted about two hours.
    We went the the church a little early to get things set up for Dub to video and for the students. We started the studies right on time and had a couple of students. As the day went on we added more and more students. It was great day of studies and Moses did an amazing job. We finished with the lessons close to five then went right into Bible Study. Moses taught our evening Bible study as well. We loaded up and had dinner at Shukarani.
Oh and Samuel lost his first tooth on Thursday evening. Well he did not lose it I pulled it for him at his request. It was minor surgery but he did awesome and was super excited .

    We spent the day in class again on Friday and had a good turn out. Moses was able to finish his lessons on the Tabernacle. He taught for another couple of hours on the Baptism of the Holy Spirit as well as answered questions. We loaded everything up and finished around four. Kenya cooked lunch and prepared Chai for us each day. Joni came in for lunch and helped Kenya serve out the food. Everything went well and Dub was able to get all the lessons on video.

    Saturday Dub and his family, our family, my dad, and Moses all loaded up and went to the Marine park for a day of snorkeling. We got out to the first coral garden and the kids got into the water for a few minutes then started hollering about being stung. We pulled them all out of the water and sure enough they were getting stung by tiny JELLY FISH! Everyone got out of the water then a big rain storm blew in on us. It was looking pretty grim but the rain passed and we went to another coral garden and we were able to snorkel there, with only a few jelly fish here and there. We saw all sorts of fish. Moses even got in the water and used some goggles to see the fish. He was a little nervous since he did not know how to swim. He used the life saver from the boat to float and did a great job. My dad really loved seeing all the coral and fish. As far as the jelly fish go we were still being stung from time to time but it was not too bad.
    After looking at the coral for a while we went to another deep spot to swim and jump off the top of the boat. We had a blast jumping off the boat. It turned out to be great day and everyone had a good time!

    After lunch at Shukarani we headed back to the house. We got Moses set up on the translation project of Brother Sparks DVD Material.   
    Sunday March 16 was super hot. The temperature gauge said it was 46 C or 115 F! It was a sweaty day! The worship service was awesome. Sadie and the girls sang a special song and we had several other specials as well. Moses preached the message and hit a home run. I loved it. He is such a gifted teacher. After another lunch at Shukarani we headed to the house. Moses worked a little on the translation project. We had a great evening worship time.
    Monday Moses continued to work and finished the translation work on Brother Sparks DVD lessons. I spent the day with my dad. We went and had coffee in the morning then went out to Marafa to Hell’s Kitchen. We had fun driving out and hiking through Hell’s Kitchen. We ate lunch at a little local place in Marafa and I introduced dad to Matumbo or Stomach and Intestine. He did great and ate about half of his . I told him that the Macaroni looking things were not macaroni… later I told him they were intestine! After lunch we drove out to Garashi and around the villages we work in near Singuaya. We even got some mudding in where it rained earlier in the week. It was a lot of fun!

 Before our trip CLEAN LAND ROVER

    We got back in the evening for supper then ran to town to pick up Julius Ayugu who was coming in to teach this week. Julius will be teaching Wednesday-Friday. He will be teaching Bible Doctrines.
    This morning Julius and I drove Moses into town to catch his bus back to Nairobi. Again Moses did an amazing job teaching and I look forward to continuing working with him on some other translation projects. Today I have worked on getting things ready for our lessons this week with Julius. We got all the notes and notebooks ready for class as well as looked over some other lessons together. I gave him a bunch of lessons and notes to take home with him as well as a couple books. Julius is a good friend and one of the most godly men I know bar none. I enjoy spending time with him. I also was able to work on the trip for the Texarkana Baptist Children’s Home. Heather and her team will be arriving Friday.
    I thankfully have gotten this update put together and I hope to get some finances done as well. I worked out with Ernie for our teacher next week Julius Kalande to have  classes in Nairobi rather than here since we will have a team on the ground. Dub will fly to Nairobi Monday  and film classes Tuesday - Friday and return Friday evening. Dub and I will be running to town here shortly to purchase tickets. I will still be teaching classes next week on Friday and Saturday but it will be a little easier than juggling another visitor  and more classes. I appreciate brother Hopper having the classes in Nairobi and Dub’s willingness to travel.
    Please continue to pray for this ABA Media filming project and for Dub as he works on editing and putting everything together. At the rate we are going we are going to get close to 15 classes on video. Brother Hopper is already planning to use the teachings while he is gone on furlough so classes can continue on in his absence. We are so grateful to Dub and his family for giving themselves to this ministry!
My dad will be traveling on Thursday to go back home. It has been a good time with him although juggling classes, other visitors, and regular work has been a task but we have made memories and it has been awesome having him here.

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