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September Montly Report

“Our vision is to be a ministry of eternal significance that impacts the cause of Christ through the 
advancement and multiplication of His churches.”

September 2014
IMR Israel
            ISRAEL! This month our family and actually our entire ground team attended the International Missionary Retreat in Israel put on by World Missions Ministry, Lynn and Brenda Raburn. Brother Lynn and Brenda with their entire team did an amazing job this year. The ladies from Faith BC, North Little Rock, with Shawn and Alison Crane made VBX an awesome time for our kids. Jack Story with MTL outdid himself on all the logistics and putting together tours.  We learned so much about Israel during our classes with Brother Lynn and Brother John Malancon as well as from our tour guides. 


We made some great memories in Israel. Our team was refreshed and encouraged by the fellowship with fellow missionaries. To see all the places that we have read about and know that we were in the Promised Land was just awesome. We appreciate our church, Pauline Baptist Church, for sending our family and the Howells to this retreat. We are also grateful to Brother Lynn and Brenda for raising funds for our accommodations during the retreat as well as to the churches that gave. This retreat is a highlight of our year and is always a time of revival.

Bible Institute Extension
     This month we made a decision to try and use technology to expand our ability to have classes for the Bible Institute. I had a meeting with Elli in Mombasa about using a mini pocket projector and speaker to have classes in Miritini each week under his leadership. He said that he was willing to lead and coordinate the classes. I will meet Elli every 4-6 weeks to give him new notes and video files for the project. I will also collect the attendance and grades for the completed class. We will be using old teaching videos, the new ABA Media project videos we did a few months ago, and new videos we are making. We will continue to have classes together, but this will allow the students to continue throughout the month with classes multiplying our efforts. 
     Brother Mercer, Brother Mike, and I carried the pocket projector, batteries, speaker, and notes to Miritini while we were there this month for classes. I taught the men how to use the projector and gave a few instructions on notes and Scripture memory. Pray for this attempt to multiply our efforts. If it works in Miritini I would like to try it in other areas as well.

     We were so blessed to have Ashley’s pastor, Brother Monroe Mercer from Green Acres BC, Bossier City, LA with us this month. Brother Mercer came and spent two weeks with us visiting Ashley and ministering among the churches. We had him teach Bible Institute classes in Malindi and in Miritini. He also was able to preach in two of the churches and visit all the others. It was such a blessing to have Brother Monroe with us and to see his desire to take care of his missionary. It is obvious that he is very proud of Ashley and her committing herself to the Lord’s work here on the Coast of Kenya. Brother Mercer said that Green Acres Church misses Ashley, but they are excited for how God is using her. 

James Taylor PO Box 811 Malindi, Kenya 80200
Phone 011-254-713289014

Taylor Tribe

We started out the month in Israel at the International Missions Retreat with Lynn and Brenda Raburn and a whole host of other missionary friends.  We are so grateful every year for the opportunity to attend the retreat.  It is always a much needed reprieve and time to relax away from our fields of labor.  Thank you so much, Pauline Baptist Church, for sending us to this each year.  God has given us a great sending church; they love us and take such great care of us.  Also thank you to all the churches and individuals who give to Lynn and Brenda and their ministry.  They have done so much for missionaries around the world.  For our family, their help through the years has been invaluable.  
            And let me just say, Wow!  Seeing Israel first hand was amazing.  We went on a whirlwind tour just before the retreat began and it really brings the Bible to life.  Seeing and walking in the very places Jesus saw and walked was life changing.  I still don't think we have processed all that we took in.  One of my favorite parts was having a worship service on the Sea of Galilee.  Thinking about Jesus and how he had to get in a boat to get away from the crowds only to find that when he crossed over they were there waiting on him.  And yet, he had compassion on the multitudes.  We don't face anything like the crowds Jesus did, yet I still find myself at times wanting to retreat; and some days that compassion that Jesus had isn't so easy to come by for me.  Oh that I could see the needs of people as Jesus does and always be tenderhearted to care for them.  
            Another favorite part for me was teaching two of the ladies’ classes.  Brenda asked me several months back if I would be willing to teach.  The Lord has really been dealing with me about who I am in Christ and daily obedience to Him.  My pastor Brother Chad Graves always says to teach out of the overflow of what God is teaching you.  So when she asked, I knew what I was going to speak on.  I am so humbled that the Lord would use me, and I thank Him for teaching me and using me to encourage other missionary wives.  It was truly my great joy and honor to share from my heart with fellow missionary wives.
            The kids absolutely love the VBX that Jeanean Wilson and the team from Faith NLR do for the MKs.  Jeanean is such a loving, Christian woman with a heart for missionaries and their families.  We love her so much and thank God for all the hard work she puts into ministering to all the MKs each year.  She always comes with a team of helpers who are equally as eager to minister.  This year Jamie and Heather came and were awesome.  Shawn and Alison Crane always do a wonderful job with the teens as well as the worship services.  We are thankful for Faith BC sending them to be a part of this ministry.  
            After the retreat it was back to school and trying to re-establish a routine. The kids are doing well with Ashley.  They really seem to love school.  We have also been enjoying our time with the Vickers family during their internship.   
            Thanks so much for reading and praying.  

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