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Ashley's Pastor trip and Good-Byes

September 26-October 7


We had Bible Institute classes for two days here in Malindi. Brother Monroe Mercer from Green Acres MBC, Bossier, LA  taught for us while I translated. Brother Mercer did awesome.  We had good attendance. Brother Mercer taught on Hebrews chapter 11 the first day and part of the Beatitudes on the second day. The men loved the teaching, Brother Mercer left his notes so they could continue to study what remained.

    Sunday Kenya and the kids went to church in Malindi while the Vickers, Ashley, Brother Mercer, and I headed down to Jimba for a special service. Daniel had asked us to come to continue teachings Mike and I started last month on some specific topics. Mike taught on church discipline, I taught on missions, and Brother Monroe taught on false teachers. We had four different sessions with a small break for some cookies and juice to sustain us all until lunch. The attendance was good.  All went very well.

    For lunch we went to Gede and had some amazing burgers. They were seriously good. Juma joined us also for lunch so that he and I could go to a meeting afterwards. I rode the motor bike so I could remain behind with Juma for a meeting in Jimba Gede where a family has welcomed Juma to start having Bible studies. After lunch Everyone else headed back to Malindi. Juma and I went interior to Jimba Gede.
    We drove back up into Jimba Gede quite a ways when we ran out of gas in the motorcycle! I forgot to fill up while we were in Gede so we had to call one of Juma’s buddies to come bring us some gas. It gave Juma and I a good chance to hang out under a shade tree and visit. Once we got the fuel we continued on and had a good meeting with one of the brothers, the mama of the boma, and one of the wives of the mama’s son. They all professed salvation and seemed excited that Juma was planning to start a Bible study. We did not see any churches near by so it would be a great location to try and start one.
    Juma has had this area on his heart for a long time so it was good to finally take a step forward. Pray for Juma as he seeks the Lord in this endeavor. Juma has been helping out in Magangani but it is really a loss for his talents to not be used in leadership. He and his wife Mercy are very gifted and I have great confidence that when they start meeting in an area they are going to do a great work. Juma is so connected, I do not think that he understands the influence that he has with people. Pray for me as I try to mentor Juma, I really want to pour into him. He is getting his computer shop up and going and is putting himself in a position that he can sustain his family and be free to minister.
    After Juma and I had our meeting I dropped him off at his shop and started home. As I got ready to leave Gede the motorbike started to spit and sputter so I thought I better fill up before I leave Gede to head to Malindi. When I pulled at the gas station the attendant noticed that gas was pouring out my motorcycle. I pulled off to the side and sure enough the fuel was gushing out of the overflow. I checked for any loose connections or bolts but everything looked good. I even called Brother Mike to ask him if he had any thoughts. We concluded there must have been some dirt or something keeping the carburetor from functioning. I tried a few more things but finally had to call and ask Brother Mike and Brother Mercer to come and get me. They had to take out two of the seats in the van so we could but the bike in the van because the Land Rover was in the shop getting a power steering pump put on.
    Needless to say it was a crazy day but a good one. We got back in time to celebrate Chaelann’s Birthday!

    We spent the day out on the ocean Monday. Our family, the Vickers, Ashley, and Brother Monroe all went snorkeling for a full day. It was lots of fun and we had a really good seafood lunch on the boat. The only bad side of the day was all the sun burns! I am very grateful that I was not burnt but Josiah, Abigail, Kenya, and Brother Mercer all got “some” sun. Josiah especially got torched.

    Brother Mike, Brother Mercer, and I went out to Singwaya on Tuesday to show Brother Mercer the area. We went by the Singwaya church building and Furaha came by to greet us. He was doing some work near by trying to raise the funds to go back to school on Monday. We had a good visit with Furaha and Brother Mercer really “enjoyed” the ride out.; ) 

Ok so that was as far as I got with keeping a daily writing… LOL I do best just looking back over the week and just go with the time I have to write. We appreciate so much those that read these updates and are patient to get them. It really is a good exercise for me to write them, so I can see what the Lord has done. Sometimes it is so busy that I miss the blessing.  Sharing things in these updates keep me in tune with all God is doing around us and though the ministry here. I use these updates many times to write my monthly reports.
    Let me finish out the update for this week. Brother Mercer, Ashley and Kenya went to the game park on Wednesday last week and I was the substitute teacher for the kids. The kids did really well and I had a good time with them. I also agreed to make dinner if Kenya would go on the safari instead of me. Some might wonder why I would not want to go on the safari since safaris are so fun. Well for those who have driven to the Game park and endured the trip it is pretty tough. The animals are cool but the trip is so rough, not to mention that we have been to the game park so many times. I made a gourmet meal, at least it is at our house, of spam and potatoes. There were three different “flavors” one with salt and pepper, one with Toni’s seasoning, and the last with French Fry seasoning. It was ready when Brother Mercer, Kenya, and Ashley returned.
    They said they had a good safari and only one breakdown… one of the radiator hoses on the Land Rover busted and they leaked out all the water. They had to baby the Land Rover all the way across the park to a lodge to get some water since they did not have any water with them. At least it gave them a good story and experience. They did see seven lions under a tree so that was a bonus!

    Brother Mercer, Brother Mike, and I all went down to Miritini for two days to teach Bible Institute classes. Ok actually brother Mercer taught, Mike and I got to listen. The men in Miritini have good English so I did not have to translate. Brother Mercer did an awesome job teaching the Beatitudes. Brother Mercer is a great teacher and we all were feed well.  I took a little time in the morning also to teach the men how to use a mini pocket projector for classes they will be doing throughout the month with Elli supervising. The projector and speaker will allow the men to watch video classes that we have so they can get more studies in between my classes with them. We are going test this method out with the Miritini group and if it is successful we will look at implementing it in other areas as well.

 After class on Friday we got a room in Miritini and ran out to Bokole to greet Juma’s family and to show Brother Mercer the church. We also got to see Juma’s daughter Neema, her leg has healed up nicely. You may remember that we asked prayer for her last month when she was burned. Praise the Lord she has no deep scaring and is all healed up!

    Elly found the hotel that we stayed at so we would not have to go back into Mombasa to find a place to stay that would be expensive. Bed and Breakfast cost us $12 a piece. I was not sure what type of place we were in for but I am always up for an adventure. Kenya had her doubts about a $12 room but it turned out to be an awesome place. It was clean, had hot showers, ceiling fans, and secure parking. Breakfast was also great in the morning. It was a home run as far as I was concerned.
    On Saturday while we were in class Kenya and Christy came to Mombasa with the kids and took them to Wild Waters. It is a water park that is super fun! This was one last chance for the kids all be together for a special time before the Vickers were to leave. They had a great time and we all met back up in Malindi in the evening.

    Sunday we attended services in Malindi. Brother Mike taught Sunday School and Brother Mercer preached the morning message. At the end of services Nicholas called up the Vickers family and brother Mercer to pray for their travels on Monday back to the states. In the afternoon the Vickers and brother Mercer finished up all their packing.

    Yesterday was a day of Good-byes. We had a special brunch meal for everyone before we loaded up to take the Vickers to the airport followed by Brother Mercer later in the afternoon. We had a great trip with Brother Mercer, Ashley’s pastor, and we are so glad that he showed his support of Ashley by coming. He did an amazing job teaching and preaching. We will look forward to having him back in the future.

    The Vickers also left us after a three month internship. They came to work along side our family to confirm and clarify what God was calling them to do. They concluded that full time ministry in Kenya was not what God had for their family at this time. Please pray for the Vickers as they return to the states that the Lord will help them as they continue to seek his direction for their future. We had a great time working with Brother Mike, Christy, and the kids. We will miss them and we appreciate all that they did while they were here and we look forward to seeing them on short term trips in the future.
    Today is my administrative day.  I have worked on this update, finances, and am going to finish our monthly report as well. It really quiet around here with just our family and Ashley on the ground now. Lord willing the Straders will be here next month and the Howells will return from language school. Then we will all begin working together. Pray for Clayton and Lindsey as well as Ashley as they all work on Language learning. Ashley did not leave to go to language school but she is working with Getrude for about 8 hours a week. It will be so awesome when everyone is able to speak Swahili! Our ability to minister will be exponentially greater!


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