Tuesday, 11 February 2014

January 2014 Monthly Report

 “Our vision is to be a ministry of eternal significance that impacts the cause of Christ through the advancement and multiplication of His churches.”
  January 2014
On The Ground

         It has been a good month here in Malindi getting everything back in order after our trip to the States for the holidays. We returned to power and water rationing as well as the heat. After being in the arctic temperatures in the states it was nice to be back in the tropics but not so nice to face what Kenya calls “#third world probs.” We have spent much of the month reconnecting with everyone and checking in with the churches to see how they are doing. Let me give a little run down on what is going on with those that we have visited.

First LBC Malindi continues to do well. We baptized seven this month and five of those were while we were still gone the first week of the month. Church attendance is good and there are several men starting to take leadership and pastoral roles. I continue to serve as the senior pastor but please pray for the leaders that God is calling that they will continue to mature.

Magangani LBC is doing about the same as when we left. Alphonse continues to serve as pastor and Juma is working with him. The church is still praying for the Lord to open up an opportunity to purchase land. For now they are making improvements on their building and looking at starting a new work in another area.

Jimba LBC is doing great! Daniel has some enthusiastic and committed men working with him and they are thriving. The church relocated to a plot they are renting near the road and have rebuilt their building making it bigger and sturdier than it was before. They are planning to start a new fellowship in Mida this year with the Lord’s help. They already have contacts and an invitation to start. This church has been through hard times but it has made them stronger!

Singuaya LBC is doing well with Mwangiri continuing as pastor. They are planning to baptize 12 the first Sunday of February. They are continuing to work on their building on the plot they purchased. Next month I plan to visit the church to see the plot and see their progress and how we can help them. This church is doing well. They continue to need doctrinal teaching and encouragement, but they are full of life.
Gandini LBC is doing about the same as always. The building is in need of some work and the people are a bit discouraged. The situation with William and Mama Faith divorcing has really hit this church hard. Jonathan is trying to lead the church as pastor but he needs prayer and teaching. I hope we can devote more time to Singuaya and Gandini this year.

Mnara wa Kweli LBC Miritini is doing well from the reports that I got from Ely their pastor. We have not made it to Miritini yet but I hope to next month. Ely is a good pastor and very stable so I am sure the church is doing well under his leadership. Lord willing we will get a chance in February to visit more with Ely.

Bokole LBC is continuing to well with Fred as their pastor. Juma’s family says good things about Fred and has accepted him as their leader. It has been so long since I have visited the church in Bokole. I have really left it to the care of Ely and Fred. I hope that we can see them as well in February.
ABA Media
     Dub (Jonathan) West, his wife Joni, and two daughters Chloe and Adelyn arrived this month to work on shooting videos of Bible Institute classes. This is the ABA Media project we have been asking prayers for. Dub will be traveling around the country videoing seasoned pastors in our work that are teaching now in the Bible Institute. These video classes will be available to all our missionaries for use in training other pastors. I am super excited about this project and the benefits it will have for years to come. Joni and the girls will be staying with us here in Malindi while Dub will be coming in and out. Please pray for safety and the success of this project.

Homeschool with Sadie
         We are so grateful to Baring Cross MBC, Arkadelphia, AR for sending Sadie Hardin over as a short-term missionary to be our kids’ Home School Teacher. Sadie is doing awesome and the kids are responding so well to the concentrated attention. We appreciate Sadie giving six months of her life to the Lord and investing in our children. Short-term missions can be so much more than just two weeks in the summer. No one ever regrets trying something great for God!
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 Taylor Tribe

The biggest thing for me to report this month......is ......I'm freeeeeee! Sadie has already been a huge blessing.  In just three weeks the kids have improved in school simply from having someone who could devote everything to their home school needs.  Sarah was really struggling with reading and we have seen significant improvement already.  The other kids are truly enjoying a teacher other than Mama.  We all love Sadie. She is becoming part of our family.  Thank you to all who have helped in getting her here.  I hope you know what a great help this is.  

We’ve had some issues with power and water rationing this month.  I’ve been posting a little bit about our water problems, but maybe an explanation about how our water works would help it make sense.  We have city water, but our whole house is run off of tanks in our roof.  So the city water comes on and fills up the tanks and then all the taps are connected to those tanks including toilets.  The problem is when of course the water goes off or it comes in with very little pressure.  When the pressure is not enough it cannot climb to our roof and fill the tanks.  So we can at times have water but not have water because the pressure is not strong enough to fill our tanks.  That has been our problem.  Since we have a pool at least we have been equating swimming to baths.  Don’t judge, you know you’ve let your kids slip by with a pool bath from time to time.  Well, okay, I guess that’s just me.  Anyway, when the water comes on to a trickle we fill up all buckets and use that to flush the toilets, usually it’s only enough for one flush a day.  Yep…..our house has been stinky to say the least.  We also washed our hair right out in the front yard in swimsuits after swimming because there was a trickle coming out of the outside spigot.  Finally though, my wonderful husband rigged up a pump system and pumped water up to the roof yesterday so we could flush all the toilets and take a real shower.  Please pray for the water issues in Kenya. 

Now, since I have a little more free time, I am really praying asking God exactly where he would have me invest my time.  I am enjoying the margin in my life, where I can actually plan our meals and family time without stress of rushing and always feeling pulled in every direction.  Before I was running all James’ errands in town, plus homeschool, and even that had become difficult, so now I have the freedom to do that for him.  I am really enjoying having the extended and uninterrupted Bible Study time once the kids get started in school.  It's just a joy to be able to dig deep.  I am asking the Lord to speak to me through his word about ladies ministry here.  So many of the ladies in the villages have asked me to come, but before I just could not.  And even though I plan to keep that margin in my life, I believe the Lord is opening the door for me to help these ladies in the way of teaching.

Dub and Joni and their family arrived this month to start the filming project.  We are all enjoying having those cute little babies around.  I had forgotten how much Samuel really has grown, when I realized how "not" baby proof my house is.  We are thankful for their sacrifice in being here to help out with this project.  

Once again I just really want to thank all of you who helped with Sadie's financial needs and for those who are praying for her and our family. It's
such a huge blessing.  She is a joy to be around, and I hope we can talk
her into staying.  Shhhh don't tell her dad!  

Thanks for reading and praying!

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