Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Full Church day

Friday February 7 I did manage to get the monthly report all put together and sent out for proofing. I also worked on a few emails that needed answered. I spent the afternoon working on studies for Saturday and for Sunday. On Saturdays the men are asking questions and I am coming back with Biblical answers. I am really enjoying this teaching time. This week Peter asked me to teach on whether it was biblical for a man to pastor who is not married. I put my thoughts together and scriptures then tried to prepare for Sunday’s sermon. I have to admit I spent about an hour and a half praying and looking at different passages and was coming up with nothing.  I was getting a bit frustrated so I shut down the office for the evening and decided to go back at it in the morning. In the evening we had a fun taco night watching movies.
            Saturday I was in the office praying and working on Sunday’s message. I ended up preaching from 2 Corinthians 1:3. In the afternoon we headed to the church for cleaning and men’s meeting.  We got the church yard cleaned up pretty quick. Kenya, Sadie, and the kids left after everything was cleaned up since there were no other ladies. Around 3:30 we started our regular Saturday meeting. After singing and praying Nicholas and Geoffrey showed up with Caroline. I answered the question on marriage and the pastorate as well as taught about calling a little.
            When I finished teaching Geoffrey asked another question pertaining to marriage. Specifically when does God recognize a marriage? His question came from the nativity story when it said that Joseph was going to have to divorce Mary even though they had not come together yet. It was a great question so I took some time to answer it. I have a small problem with answering questions I have a hard time giving a short answer so we spent quite a while in the Bible and discussing passages. It was an awesome time and I loved the eagerness of Caroline and the men. They sent me home with two more questions but I will have to send the answers with Ricklynn on paper next week because I plan to be in Magangani on Saturday for evangelistic outreach.   
  Sunday was a great service, we crammed a lot into one service. We had a special offering for Richard’s mama and prayer over her, dedication prayer for baby Victor, a baptism, special music, and after service a short meeting about a couple church matters. The Youth also had a meeting and elected a youth council to organize youth fellowships and to work on an upcoming youth fellowship in April. It was a full day but very good. We had some visitors and saw a few of our members back that had been out for a few weeks.  



We had our evening worship time at the house in English a little early so Kenya, Sadie, and Joni could have a girl’s night out. I kept all seven of the kids while the ladies enjoyed dinner together.
            Monday was a good day off. We are still pumping water but that is not a big deal now that we have a system set up. Lord willing the pressure will return to the lines when the water rationing is finished. Josiah and I ran the trash to town other wise it was a fun time with the kids. I did speak to Dub on the phone also yesterday and it seems he is doing great in Western Kenya with Ernie Hopper. They are videoing Ernie teaching a class on end times events. I can not wait myself to watch the class!
            Today is my office day and it has been very productive in spite of no power. I have been using my backup power system. 

  I was able to answer all my emails and do some needed planning work for the Texarkana Baptist Kids Home trip next month. I was able to put a rough itinerary together to send to Heather Thompson for approval. I also spent some time looking over some material for Mike and Christy Vickers’ Internship/Survey trip coming up. I was able to get this update knocked out and post it and our monthly report to our group/Blog.  I received my new Online Bible Software to install on our new computer so I am pretty excited to get it updated now. I tried to call Alphonse to confirm next week’s Evangelistic outreach but could not get him.


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