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October 2015 Report

October 2015
Missionary Training Ministry
              I was privileged to speak during the MTM 2015 module one held at the Missionary Baptist Seminary this past month. MTM continues to provide biblical and practical training for missionaries both in the states and over seas. Brother Larry Clements invited me to speak during his sessions on “The Necessity of the Missionary’s Quiet Time.” I was the last speaker in a series of speakers to share on to subject and it was awesome to see God take everything and put it together for a moving of His Spirit. It was a revival meeting as far as I was concerned as we all came together in prayer to close out the session.
                  The Missionary Baptist Seminary also asked MTM to give the Fall Chapel lectures. It was an honor to be invited to speak for the lectures. Brother Joe Morrell and I spoke on leadership from the church and missionary perspectives.  There was a good number in attendance and it was a great chance to fellowship and learn from God’s Word.
Furlough Travels

            I am continuing to travel to our supporting churches on the weekend to give report and to say thank to those who partner with us in the East Kenya Missions ministry. The churches have been so gracious and encouraging. Kenya and the kids have not been able to travel to very many of the churches because of school but they travel when they can. We appreciate so much the understanding of the churches in regards to our family not being able to travel with me. I know the churches love to see everyone and how much they have grown, not to mention I do not like traveling alone.

Straders Continuing in Kenya

              The Straders are continuing to do well in Kenya.  Brother John has had preachers’ meetings and has been visiting the churches weekly. We are so excited for him also because he has preached several times in Swahili! This is a huge milestone in their adaptation and acclamation into the culture.  God is opening up new opportunities of ministry also and Brother John is providing great leadership. Amber and Ellanora seem to be doing awesome as well in the community and in the churches making friends and sharing Jesus. We are so proud of the Straders and excited at how God is using them.

The Howells Deputation

              Clayton and Lindsey are still visiting churches and raising funds. Please pray for them as they travel and share the Farming God’s Way ministry. If you would like the Howells to come and share please contact Clayton at or (870) 265-0326.

Sending Church Pastor Search 
              Please continue to pray for our church Pauline BC as we seek a senior pastor. The church is so blessed to have several pastors on staff that are able to continue to meet the needs of the church in this time of transition. Brother Larry Clements is serving as our interim pastor and doing a great job at leading through this process. The church has a pulpit committee in place and will soon be considering candidates. We are certain that God will give leadership to the church during this time and will make His will clear.

Upcoming Furlough Appointments

November 15 Holland Chapel BC, Benton, AR
November 15 Northern Hills MBC, Texarkana, AR
November 22 Jeffersonville BC, Jeffersonville, OH
November 29 Sugar Creek MBC, Ironton, OH
November 29 Flatwoods MBC, Mountain View, AR
November 29 Mountain View MBC, Cave City, AR
December 6 First BC, Sullivan, MO
December 6 Mount Calvary MBC, Sikeston, MO
December 13 Bridges Creek BC, Caulfield, MO
December 27 Columbus BC, Columbus, IN
December 27 Victory MBC, Seymour, IN

PO Box 299 Monticello, AR 71657

James Taylor State side Phone (870) 723-7640

Taylor Tribe


This month was crazy busy with school and Fall festivities.  We had parent teacher conferences, report cards, spirit week, red ribbon week, Halloween parties, Fall Fest, class breakfasts, picture days, and awards assemblies.  With even one or two kids that would be pretty hectic.  But take all that times 5 kids and WOW, was I running circles trying to shop for costume items, snacks, candy, and keep up with all the different schedules.  It was a ton of fun, but I must admit that I am starting to think that American moms have super powers.  In Kenya my biggest worries are no water, no electricity, and cooking from scratch.  I am most grateful that water and electricity are the least of my worries these days.  I am, however, concerned at how any mom, including myself, could swing all that goes on in this fast paced life and not kill over from the ever building pressure to look like a million bucks WHILE juggling all that pinterest perfectionism that must creep into the hearts of every mom who ever pulled up in front of their child’s school on two wheels to bring them lunch because Fish Sticks are on the lunch menu again.  I’m still trying to process all that God is doing in my heart through the activities and happenings of this month.  I have loved every minute of it, but I also know that God is using all of this to change my heart and bring it closer to Him. 
            The kids are doing amazingly well in school.  They all made the A/B honor roll.  Josiah received the 9th grade academic student of the quarter.  Abigail received the 8th grade female student of the quarter.  Seeing them succeed in public school makes me proud to know that they are well-behaved and self disciplined.  I think sometimes we, as parents, don’t give our kids enough credit.  We do our best to teach them and it’s up to them to make right choices.  One of the things I love most about our kids attending public school is they can put all the biblical principles we have been teaching them into practice.  Something that has been very shocking to our kids is how badly behaved or negative many kids are.  As a parent I could just say, “yes, those kids are terrible, stay away from them.”  But that isn’t applying godly character.  Instead we talk about why they might act that way and how God could use us to minister to those kids.   Both Josiah and Abigail have gone out of their way to reach out to someone they thought was lonely with two very different responses.  Josiah’s kindness was received, Abigail’s was rejected.  But again, it was an opportunity to teach Abigail that we don’t give up on people.  Jesus said to love our enemies and to bless those that curse us.   I love all that God is teaching them and us.  I feel like I could write pages but I don’t think the PO will let us have that many pages at our current mailing costs. 
            I can’t forget to mention that my parents also came down this month.  My mom had fall break, so she and my dad came and stayed the whole week.  We went and had lunch with all the kids at school and showed them around the church.  I’m so glad that being state side we are within driving distance. 
Thank you to all who are praying for us.  God is awesome and we are super grateful that he has given us this experience.  Thanks for reading.

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