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July 2015 Monthly Report

July 2015

516 Missions 2015 Kenya
                  This year we had an awesome 516 Missions team that did a lot of work! We were busy the entire trip and for sure impacted eternity. There were several projects where we were involved. There is no way in this short report to list everything that we did but at least you can see it in pictures.

Basketball Camp
              We did a basketball camp at Mreroni Primary School that is only about a half mile from the newest church plant, Grace BC Midiani. The school was small compared to other schools where we have been in the past, but nearly all the students come from Muslim families so it was a new experience for our team. God blessed as we gave out nearly 250 Bibles and all the kids in the school heard the Gospel message during Bible time. Pray for the seeds that were planted. We take heart knowing that God’s word does not return void, whether it is the written word or spoken word.
Midiani Building
  We also were able to help build a building for Grace LBC Midiani. The church had the poles in the ground and we put the roof on. We are so grateful for Brother Mike Vickers who designed the roof and lead us in building it. We also cut grass, put in a floor, and installed a baptistry. Our ladies filled the baptistry and got a lesson in carrying water on their head that I am sure they will not soon forget.


We took one day with the team and went out with Clayton to one of his Farming God’s Way test fields to work. We spent the morning pulling up stumps and cutting grass to help prepare more of the field for planting next season. It was a long hot day of work that helped all of us appreciate the work that the people do every day just to survive. We also passed by Gertrude’s house to see how Clayton’s test field was doing. It was awesome to see the success that she was having in her fields and to see her harvest her first ears of corn, which she gave to Clayton and Lindsey.
 Worshiping and Teaching

  We had great worship services with Singuaya LBC and Grace LBC Midiani. It was especially awesome to worship with the Midiani church in the building that we all built together and to see Pastor Elly baptize 17 people in the baptistry we put it. There were around 160 that attended the services at Midiani. I think that the basketball camp near the church, the cinema, and the building project generated a lot of interest in what the Grace LBC is doing.

Immediately following the 516 Team our family departed to begin our furlough. Please pray for our furlough as we share all God has done this term and say thank you to our faithful supporters.

Upcoming Furlough Appointments
August 16 Eastside MBC, Minden, LA
August 16 New Liberty BC, Garland, TX
August 23 Baring Cross MBC, Arkadelphia, AR
August 23 Sweet Home MBC, Prattsville, AR
August 30 Pauline BC, Monticello, AR
September 6 Lead Summit, Gulf Shores
September 12 Shadyland MBC, Smackover, AR
September 13 Wises Chapel MBC, Pineville, AR
September 13 Bethlehem MBC, Kirby, AR
September 20 Victory MBC, Madison, MS
September 20 Emmanuel MBC, Bogalusa, LA

PO Box 299 Monticello, AR 71657

James Taylor  PO Box 811 Malindi, Kenya 80200
Phone (870) 723-7640
Taylor Tribe

This month we spent the first two weeks preparing for furlough as well as for the 516 Missions team.  Thankfully preparing for the team is pretty easy now that we have shopping lists, schedules, and housing down to a science.  Preparing for furlough was another story.  The Straders will be staying in our house while we are away, so we had to put all of our personal belongings into one room to make room for the Straders’ personal belongings.  The house with all of its furnishings including dishes are there for them to use, but we wanted to make sure they didn’t have to worry about being crowded or taking responsibility for our junk (I mean treasures).  So we put many things into boxes and closets in the school room.  However, just about the time we thought we were done our landlord called to inform us that an exterminator was coming to spray for termites.  This was terrible timing, but a very necessary treatment.  So after feeling good about cleaning everything out and having things organized for them, we completely destroyed it all by taking everything out of the cabinets and putting most of it into our gazebo for a day and a half while they fumigated.  The Howells and the Straders had to do the same as their homes were also treated.  The termites have been a terrible problem for a couple of years now.  Although it was very inconvenient, we agreed because of the damage the termites have been doing to our homes. 

                  We also hosted all of our friends from Mombasa for the fourth of July one last time before furlough.  It was really great to be able to catch up with them, since we’ll be gone for almost a year; and when we get back, some of them will be on furlough. 

                  We had a great time with the 516 team.  It was a smaller group than usual, but it was nice to be able to get to visit with each of them.  We were super glad that we didn’t have to camp out in the village.  There is a cheap but decent and clean hotel in Miritini for only $10 a night where we were able to stay.  It was nice to have a good shower in the evenings after a long day at the camp and at the church building.  We crammed a lot into the time the team had.  It didn’t feel like we stopped the whole time.  But I think the Lord blessed all that we did. 

                  Usually when the teams leave we crash for a day or two, but this year we couldn’t.  We were leaving just two days after the team, so after they left we made final preparations in the house and in town.  The day before we left Abigail became extremely ill with amoebic dysentery and a bacterial infection, which landed her at the hospital with an IV.  Our doctor was amazing.  He treated her very quickly and aggressively making it possible for her to get on the plane the next day although she was still pretty weak.  We are thankful for Dr. Yunis taking such good care of her. 

                  There is no rest for the weary.  We hit the ground running here on the stateside as well.  We had just a couple of weeks before school starts to run up north and see our family.  We got here Friday evening, went to Pauline Sunday morning and headed to Indiana on Monday.  My sister was getting married on the 31st and James was officiating the wedding.  We spent the last week of July making final wedding preparations.  The month ended on a very happy note.  We had such a good time with my whole family at the wedding.  We laughed and made many memories.  I’m thankful for the time God gave us to just laugh and have fun. 

                  Thanks for reading and praying.

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