Thursday, 21 May 2015

Tanzania with the Straders

April 29-May 6

Right on the heels of starting the church in Midiani, Brother Lynn and I packed up and headed to Tanzania to be with John, Amber, and Ellanora Strader for their final days at language school.  Clayton took us to Mombasa super early in the morning to catch our bus on Wednesday 29. We had a pretty uneventful and long trip to Morogoro, Tanzania. Brother John and Amber had everything ready for us when we arrive at the language school. They even took us out for a nice dinner at a place that they had found. It was so good to meet the friends that John and Amber had made and see the places they had discovered.


     On Thursday John and Amber were taking their final exam both the oral and written sections. Brother Lynn and I visited with one of the teachers and even got to sit in on a class to see how a typical class worked. We tried not to disturb John and Amber too much, but we did shoot a picture of them working hard on their final. We all went to lunch together then John and Amber went back for the second half of their final. Brother Lynn and I got a chance to visit a little and relax in the afternoon while John and Amber finished up. We also got to go to Ellanora’s school to say good bye. John and Amber got a treat for all the kids to say thank you for the time that Ellanora got to spend with everyone. It was super cute.

     On Thursday evening there was a graduation celebration for John and Amber where they received their certificates of completion and graduated from the language program. The teachers, head of the school, and other students said great things about John and Amber both. They had a great testimony and friendship with everyone that was evident. They truly had an impact on the teacher that was directly responsible for their classes. He testified how God used Amber to show him that his teaching was more than a job but a ministry to help missionaries preach the gospel. The entire night was a great celebration and Brother Lynn and I were honored to be a part of it all.

     Friday after all the festivities it was time to head back to Kenya. We headed to Chalinze bright and early to catch our bus back to Mombasa. Thankfully all went well on the return to Mombasa.  Kenya, Lindsey, and Brenda were waiting for us when we crossed over the ferry to take us back to Malindi. Everyone on the compound was excited to have John and Amber back.
     We did not have any time to rest once we got to Malindi especially Brother Lynn. Saturday morning we were up and at the church in Malindi ready for Bible Institute classes. Brother Lynn’s time with us is short and in order to stay on schedule we needed every Saturday to get the classes on Hebrews finished before his departure. Brother Lynn did great although when we were finished I think he was exhausted.
     On Sunday we divided and conquered for church services. Clayton and I took the buggy and went to church in Mangangani while everyone else attended services in Malindi. I preached in Mangangani and we stayed after services for a lengthy business meeting. The church is and has been having some problems for over a year and they are starting to come to a head. The church had requested that I come for this meeting to try and help with advice. They scheduled another meeting for two weeks later to continue discussions. Please pray for the church in Mangangani and Pastor Alfonse that the Lord will give wisdom and discernment. Brother Lynn taught SS and brother John preached in Malindi. We all came together in the evening to listen to preaching.
     Clayton and I were able to get some reports and administrative things done, Brother John was able to get his family settled in a little then we were off again. This time heading to Nairobi to begin our survey trip of the North.

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