Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Administrative Necessities

January 23-February 17

       It has been three weeks since the last update. Once the last of our guests left we tried to catch our breath a little and even get caught up on some office work. December and January were awesome ministry months full of activity and being in the field. The result is a lot of administrative work, things to repair around the house, maintenance on the vehicles, and a little rest also.
     I have spent most of the past three weeks in the office working on updates and preparing for the five classes and three sermons that I have for the World Missions Seminar. Kenya and I are super excited to be partnering with Lynn and Brenda Raburn and helping the new missionaries that are preparing for the field. We are looking forward to teaching, being taught, and the fellowship with all the missionaries.

     We also have had some vehicle issues to work out. Thankfully the Motor Bike was running fine. (Clayton is Crazy!)The A/C went out on the van and we had to take the Land Rover in because it was blowing oil everywhere. The initial diagnosis of the Land Rover was that the brand new Turbo Charger we just put in six months ago was shot. That would have been bad news since it is a $1000 part. Thankfully the shop sent it off to be tested by the supplier and they said that the Turbo is fine so the issue is something else. The shop is going to open the engine and see what is going on. They are the ones that rebuilt the engine so they will stand behind the rebuild. We also had to replace the fuel pump. I feel like Land Rove is a money pit but it will have to due until we get to the states on furlough in August so we can share the need with the churches.

     On a side note to the vehicles, Clayton and I went and tested a buggy out the other day that we are considering purchasing for our trips to town and out to Singuaya. The off road buggy's are 2013 models, street leagal, and will do 100 KPH. We went and test drove one and it was amazing. The suspension is crazy awesome. The British fella selling them took us out for a spin and ran us over some terrible roads at insane speeds and the little buggy road smoothly. We are considering purchasing one to save on the wear and tear of the vehicles for quick trips out. We used to use the Motor bike for trips like this but the roads have gotten so bad not to mention the sand traps that are incredibly dangerous. The buggy's coast about $8000 so they are no toy but we are confident that they will pay for themselves in what they save us in wear and tear on vehicles and our bodies.

     We had several household things that we had to do also after all the rush. Replacing shower heads, cleaning up, and making some improvements. After having so many on the compound at one time along with our families it became apparent that one washer was just not enough so we purchased another washer. This will be extremely helpful when teams are here not to mention our growing team. We also installed a 2000 liter tank to help alleviate our water issues in the future. This gives us four times more water on hand and should allow us to function normally even if the water is out for three days at a time and this year that has been a regular occurrence.We tried to do some work on the roof with our other water tanks also, as you can see it was real safe...
     We got some documentation sent off for John's work permit and for Lindsy's dependent's pass. Pray for these documents to go through without any problems. The government is getting a little more strict with permits and their requirements.

     We took one weekend and went to Mombasa to fellowship with some other missionary families. Josh and Maggie Grist have started a Taco lunch and are inviting missionaries to come in to fellowship. We went in and spent the weekend and had a great time. The kids were able to play with other missionary kids and we all had a good time just relaxing. With our kids we are recognizing more and more that they need fellowship opportunities like this from time to time as they are getting older.
     Please pray for the churches and the pastors. There are several things that need to be addressed after we return from the states. Lynn and Brenda Raburn will be with us the months of April and May. I know Lynn will be a big help with some of the things we need to help the churches and pastors with. Pray also for us as we start making trips to the North surveying and making preparations to launch out next year. Our family would appreciate your prayers while we are in the States for the World Missions Seminar. Pray that we will be a blessing and be used by the Lord to help and encourage the missionaries that will be attending.
     Oh I can't forget to mention our Valentines banquet with the kids!

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