Thursday, 11 December 2014

Thanksgiving, Birthdays, Death fight, and Cinemas

November 27 -December11

     It has been a busy few weeks around here. I am finally getting the chance to write an update. I am glad we are busy but it was a little too busy. Thankfully this week we are not as tight and can take a breather before we go back at it hard this weekend in the Mombasa area. Anyways...
    Well we had an awesome Thanksgiving! There were twenty-one of us here for Thanksgiving dinner. Our team was here as well as the Ghrists and Trenton Yenokida from Mombasa. We had all the fixings! We took Thursday and Friday off and just spent time together. It was fun to hang out with the Ghrists and Trenton. The food...and oh the Turkey... can't wait until next year!

   After the Thanksgiving celebrations settled down we had Abigail's 12th birthday party. Kenya made and awesome cake and we had a fun evening celebrating. It is so hard to believe that Abigail will soon be a teenager, she is such the young lady already. We also celebrated Amber's birthday! She is a little older than Abigail but we will keep that a secret. Kenya made Amber an amazing German Chocolate Cake! Birthdays are awesome with cake! We are so glad to have Amber here and for God giving her another year of life.

      Of course with the passing of Thanksgiving our attention has turned to Christmas so we got festive and put up the tree which is always a fun time!

    Clayton, John, and I went to Mangangani for church on Sunday following Thanksgiving while the ladies and kids went to Malindi. We had good services with the folks at Mangangani. I taught Sunday School and translated for John while he preached the morning message. After services we had lunch with Juma and went by to see Daniel's family to check on how his wife was doing. She is doing better each time we visit.
     Last week we had a pretty busy week working on planning and preparing for the weekend with Gandini and Singuaya. Brother John and I also made a trip to Singwaya to carry out some food and to be sure we had the plan all in order for the week. We met with the Singwaya church for about two hours, then ran to meet with the Gandini church for an hour before coming back to the house.

    All week long we had to deal with no water also. We did manage to pump water up to our tanks from the well out front but the water was really heavy and tasted bad. At least we were able to take showers, wash clothes, and brush our teeth. I think we went the entire week without city water thankfully the water returned by the weekend and I think we have at this point flushed all the heavy water out of the system.
     Clayton, John, and I also made a trip to Mombasa to meet with Immigration officials. We went to two offices and got some good counsel but no forward movement. There is a new Director in Nairobi and he is very strict and is redoing everything so it has changed the system a little. After our trip to Mombasa we spoke to an agent we used in the past about getting Brother John's work permit and Lindsey's dependent pass and we will start that process soon. We also spoke to her about registering a new Society for the coast. Pray for all this work with the government that the Lord will work it all out.
   While we were in Mombasa we met with Elly and Fred, the pastors in Miritini and Bokole. Eli said that the Bible Institute classes were going well and gave me a great written out report and papers to grade. We also talked about the Eyes on Christ campaign and Cinema's that are planned for this month in Miritini, Bokole, and the new area Midiani. It was a great meeting with much accomplished and great encouragement. I cannot forget to mention the piece of Cross Fit equipment we picked up on our way home from Mombasa. You can see it in the pictures... Clayton is establishing a Cross Fit Gym at our house with he and I and our kids as the first members.

     I took the Land Rover in on Friday before we were to go show the cinema in Gandini to get new tires put on and they found that we had busted a shock on our trip to Singwaya the day before. Now remember that I just had those shocks put on a few weeks ago and they were the best in the country... I was very disappointed and called the shop in Mombasa about the shock imediately. They were very apologetic and told me they would make it right. The problem was that we were to be in Gandini the next day to show cinema but I could not drive out with a busted shock. What could I do?

     I got up at 5am and took the three hour drive to Mombasa and got the shock fixed then turned around and drove back. I passed by the house and picked up Clayton, John, and Josiah with all the equipment and we went straight out to Gandini. We got there a few minutes after the ladies had started setting things up.

    We had a great day in Gandini. The church cooked a late lunch of beans and Ugali for everyone and we had a great time of fellowship. We passed out marbles and bracelets for the kids, bracelets for the adults, and popcorn for everyone. Brother John and I did a little bit of teaching before the cinema then we watched the Nativity celebrating the Birth of Christ. We all had a great time! The ladies and kids headed home Clayton, John and I stayed behind and showed the Cinema. There was a great turn out! We had a good trip home until we lost our head lights a few miles from the house. Thankfully we had already passed the police checkpoint and we were not far from home. We managed to get the fog lights on so we could kind of see but it was a great day just long.

     On Sunday we were back out in the village at 9am ready for Sunday school and services. The ladies took all the kids and taught them and the guys visited in the church a little with those that started to arrive. We got services started up at around 10:30 and ran up until about 1:30. The singing was AWESOME! Clayton gave the first reading and I preached the morning message on the importance of the virgin birth. It was so hot! All my clothing were soaked from sweat... it was running down my chin and dripping off my nose. Great visual of the beauty of preaching but really the Lord spoke and it went so well.

     After services we had a time to just fellowship. We passed out bracelets for the kids and adults as well as marbles for the kids. We had an awesome lunch with the Jesus film playing in the back ground in Giriama. Brother John taught from the Christmas story before we showed the cinema. The ladies left ahead of us and John, Clayton, and I showed the Cinema. The church was packed out for the cinema and it was a a great day of fellowship and celebrating the birth of Christ.

    I am so grateful for the entire team and how the village ministry went. Everyone was interacting with the people, laughing, and having a good time. Even if they had no idea what was being said at times everyone was engaged. It was a team effort for sure to pull off the weekend and I believe was a huge encouragement to the churches and for us as a team.
   When the ladies got home on Sunday evening they arrived to a death match between our dogs and a monitor lizard. They got some pretty awesome video of the entire fight. Needless to say the monitor did not make it. Seeing the dogs in action was really cool. If you have not seen the video check it out on Kenya's Facebook.

     Monday we all took the day off to recuperate from the week of work.  All of us but Ashley and the kids because it was a normal school day for them. Tuesday and Wednesday we all worked around here doing reports, finances, immigrations stuff, phone calls, and planning. We were able to get the headlights fixed on the Land Rover and the Motor Bike serviced as well. Today everyone is preparing things for this weekend we are supposed to be in Bokole, Midiani, and Miritini this weekend showing cinemas. We will be staying at a little hotel in Miritini each night.
    Please pray for the Eyes on Christ preparations both here and in the states as we are getting closer to that campaign. Also pray for the Fisher family as their survey trip is fast approaching. Pray for the Fisher family as they pray and seek the Lord's will for their lives.
    Also I wanted to let those who have been praying for Samuel's and Abigail's hands that they are all healed up and look great. We praise the Lord there will not be any permanent damage. They are actually better than the picture below but you can see the improvement.



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