Wednesday, 6 August 2014

July Report 2014

“Our vision is to be a ministry of eternal significance that impacts the cause of Christ through the advancement and multiplication of His churches.”

516 Missions Team 2
         We had an awesome time with the second 516 Missions team while God did amazing things. The team was reduced in number as a result of questions concerning security, but I think it only strengthened the resolve of those who came. With the team that came in, plus those of us on the ground, our team was 26 strong, not counting the nationals that labored with us. This team was unified and energized when they hit the ground running. 

Malindi Canvasing
       The team spent their first weekend with us working at First LBC, Malindi. Our ground team and the church members were able to distribute 4000 Swahili John and Romans stuffed with tracts and an invitation to the church.  It was awesome to see the teams going out in every direction, joyfully armed with the gospel. After working together we all enjoyed a meal provided by the church and had worship services with preaching to top the day off. On Sunday morning we were able to attend the worship service and see some fruit from our efforts.

Basketball Camp/Revival  

We spent four nights in the village at the Singuaya LBC. During the day we put on a basketball camp at Garashi Secondary School and held revival meetings every night at the church.  Teaching basketball skills and the rules of the game was fun but our primary goals were spiritual. Every student went through the Bible station and heard a clear presentation of the gospel. They also heard the gospel at the various drill stations through the colored bracelets that illustrated the gospel. Last but not least every student received a Swahili Bible and English New Testament. At the Camp we had 54 accept Jesus as Savior!

Every evening after Basketball Camp, we would hold revival meetings at the church. We had singing and two messages each night. We closed out the revival meeting with a showing of the Jesus film in Giriama, the local language. There were 40 people saved after the cinema! All the names of those saved were given to the Singuaya church, so they can follow up and continue to help the new believers. God did an amazing work in Singuaya!  

Vickers Family and Ashley Johnston
On the Ground
   The Vickers family arrived this month for a 4-month internship as the next step in preparations to be in Kenya full time. Please pray for them as they serve in this capacity. Missionary Helper Ashley Johnston also arrived this month and will be with us for the next year teaching our children and ministering with us.

James Taylor PO Box 811 Malindi, Kenya 80200
Phone 011-254-713289014


We managed to cram a lot into this month.  In the midst of preparations we squeezed in a Fourth of July celebration with our friends from Mombasa, built the kids a clubhouse, and the ladies of Malindi went to Mama Esther’s house for an African baby shower.  The July 4th cookout was a nice break before the group came.  The kids saved their allowance to buy materials for an African style clubhouse.  We had fun building it together.  And the baby shower was fun as usual with singing, scripture, sodas, and sweet fellowship.  I really wasn’t trying to alliterate that, but it works. 
The team was amazing.  Like James said, they had such a unity of heart, their time with us flowed smoothly.  When they left I felt more refreshed than exhausted.  During the camp my station was with the ladies of Singuaya preparing food.  They didn’t need a translator this year in the Bible station because the school uses English.  The ladies of the church are a true joy to be around.  They are eager to learn the word of God and have a heart to serve others.  On Wednesday night Abigail and Lydia came down with high fevers, so by midmorning on Thursday the kids and I were packing up our things to head back to Malindi.  We left James and the team in the hands of the well capable ladies of the church.  By the time we got to Malindi, Josiah, Abigail, and Lydia all 3 had fevers of 103 and 104.  They had really bad respiratory infections but after some antibiotics they were on the mend.  We hated to leave everyone, but it gave us time to get the houses back in order and prepare to receive the team after their week in the village. 
            We are excited to have the Vickers join us for four months.  The kids are super excited to have some friends to play with.  Mary was the quietest intern we have had so far.  She is a very sweet gal.  We really enjoyed having her.  I can’t explain how excited I am to have another teacher and this time for a whole year.  Ashley has great plans.  We have already been having fun getting things in the schoolroom ready.  Lindsey has just been an awesome addition to the team.  I love how easy going she is.  The kids have already fallen in love with her.  Samuel even said so himself.  The night before they left for language school, I had the kids say goodbye.  Samuel gave her a hug, then came to me and said, “Would you just tell her I love her?”  I asked, “Now?”  And he said, “No, in the morning when she leaves.”  It was the sweetest thing. 
            This month has just been good and encouraging and we are overflowing.
            Thanks for reading and praying!      

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