Wednesday, 22 January 2014

New Life

      People will ask from time to time how Brad is doing since the kidney donation. While we were in the States we got to see Brad, Diane, and their son Mason and daughter Haylee at our family Christmas get together and he is doing great. He said he takes the minimum dosage of anti-rejection drugs and is feeling good. He is back to working full time as a Barber and has recently opened a second shop with a partner. They may even open another shop soon and my cousin Diane is planning to go back to college this year to pursue accounting. She had to work where she was before because of the insurance and Brad's needs. Oh, and they are expecting a baby!!
      People will also ask me how I am doing and I am great! I ran a marathon this year and got a new personal best. I think Brad and I both are doing great. Thank you to all who prayed for us during the procedure and the rocky days that followed for Brad. Praise the Lord!!! Here is a picture of me and Brad and Diane and Kenya.

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